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Are you fed up watching friends, family members and total strangers be sabotaged, harassed, and misinformed when it comes to infant feeding?  Were you or someone you care about Booby Trapped?  Want to end the suffering and struggle of millions of moms annually who are prevented from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals?  Here's your chance to be a pioneer in adding breastfeeding to the "fitness for a cause" highway to help make lasting culture change happen for moms and babies and improve our collective health! 

Choose any fitness goal you like...swim, bike, run, walk, golf, yoga, it alone, or grab some friends to join this team with you and do it together.  

To get started register now and create your personal fundraising page, we'll take care of the rest: the motivation, the swag, the cool tshirt, the celebrity cheerleading! YOU ARE MAKING HISTORY! 

Join us to beat the breastfeeding booby traps and put prevention first!

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