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ARISE & Ride at the Farm

ARISE & Ride at the Farm

Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Location: ARISE at the Farm (1972 New Boston Road, Chittenango)
About the Event: ARISE & Ride at the Farm is an annual cycling and festival event attended by cyclists and families across Central New York. This year, all proceeds from the event will go towards the building of an accessible playground at the Farm!

You Can Help Make This Dream a Reality!

We believe that all people, regardless of disability, have a right to live a full life. That includes recreation, adventure, and fun! All too often, children with disabilities watch as others have fun at a playground. Parents yearn for places where all of their children can participate.

ARISE at the Farm, our 77-acre recreation and education center in Chittenango, is that unique place where every person feels accepted, welcome, and safe. Hundreds of children with all kinds of disabilities and typical kids, as well as adults of all abilities, take part in horseback riding, cart driving, fishing, and cycling around our paved track.

What we lack is a playground. Our dream is to offer a place in Madison County where children of all abilities can come together and have a place to play. This accessible playground will make it possible for all kids, and their families, to play together.

Our playground will be unique in that the entire surface will be poured rubber, making it possible for kids who use wheelchairs can move and play independently. And so can grandparents who use walkers. Our playground will have the most durable state of the art equipment, offering outstanding movement and sensory experiences.

Building this amazing playground will cost $312,500 and we are more than halfway there. Naming opportunities for the playground, as well as specific pieces of equipment, are available. To learn more, contact Nancy Kern Eaton at 671-2903 or

Won’t you join us in creating a fully accessible playground where children of all abilities and their families can share in the joy of play – together?

Playground Park Features

  • Fully Rubberized Surface – Because all kids should be able to move about & play independently, regardless of how they get around.
  • Fully Ramped Playground with Multiple Points of Entry – Because every part of the playground should be accessible to all!
  • Play Equipment for Kids of All Ages & Abilities – Because every child should be able to participate. There will be slides, tunnels, and swings (lots of swings!)
  • Family Picnic Area – Because parents need a place to rest after 50 rounds on the slide!