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Pediatric Stroke - A Few Facts

  • Stroke in children is as common as childhood brain tumors, yet most people are unaware that infants and children can have strokes.
  • 1 in 2800 babies and between 4 and 11 in 100,000 children will have a stroke each year.
  • Pediatric stroke research is severely underfunded.
  • Raising funds and increasing awareness will lead to early diagnosis, treatment, and recognition that more dollars need to be directed toward pediatric stroke research.
  • Recognize early stroke. If your baby is showing a hand preference (left-handed or right-handed) before the age of 3, call your state's early intervention program and ask for an evaluation.

 Together, we can make a difference for these little stroke survivors! 

  • Help a child know that she's not alone. There are other little girls and boys who wear a brace on one leg and have to go to therapy each week and endure painful stretching.
  • Fund the CHASA Orthotic Grant Program to help families in need purchase a brace that may help their child learn to walk and have a healthy walking pattern.
  • Send a family to the CHASA Family Retreat where parents, siblings, and children and adults with hemiplegia can talk with others who understand their experiences.
  • Fund college and trade school scholarships to help our young adults get started in life.
  • Fund Think Big Grants to help a community gathering where families can meet to create a local support network, including Moms' Weekends and Family Fun Outings.
  • Connect families of little stroke survivors and children with hemiplegia around the world to share support and information
  • Help CHASA continue to do good work by supporting pediatric stroke and hemiplegia researchers. 



CHASA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children, young adults, and families affected by pediatric stroke and other causes of hemiplegia. CHASA provides support, education, and advocacy through a national family retreat, local family and online discussion groups, websites, fact sheets, support of pediatric stroke and hemiplegia researchers, and pediatric stroke awareness campaigns. 

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