St Paul Diaper Bank Partnership

Dear Friends of the Diaper Bank,

Thank you for visiting our page! We need you and we need your help! Please consider helping many who are in need! Here's a few ways you can help us out.

1)Send us a donation! We'll be thrilled with any donation you send! Howevr, if your budget allows, check out the pictures to the right, and choose one of our suggestions! Your donation will be 100% tax-deductible!  

You can donate on this site or you can send your check to:

"The Diaper Bank", PO Box 2014., McHenry, IL 60051. Attention: Rev. Phyllis Mueller, Director

Photos to the right are: Picture 1 = $1000 of diapers,

That's 3,100 size 4s and 2,592 size 5s.

Picture 2 = $500 of diapers, 576 size 3s, 496 size 4s, 540 size 5s.

Picture 3 = $250 of diapers, 168 Newborns, 56 size 1s, 340 Size 2s, 432 size 3s, 248 size 4s, and 108 size 5s. 

2)OR you can Go to, or Click on Baby Registry. Enter "Diaper Bank" for the name. Scroll down and choose the diapers you would like to purchase for us. The diapers will be shipped to us! And if you spend $35 Walmart will ship them for free!

How easy is that?

3) Remember, you will be helping many who need you!

Babies and children in need; disabled children and adults; those who are suffering through serious illness; and the elderly. 

Please know you will make a difference in the lives of many who need your help! 

Accept our heartfelt thanks, and have a blessed New Year!

Gratefully yours,


Rev. Phyllis Mueller/Director or 815-382-0004