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Coastal Cleanup Day

Coastal Cleanup Day


Join thousands of Southern Californians to remove pollution from over 50 beach and inland locations throughout L.A. County! Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 21, 2013, is the biggest volunteer day on the planet. 

Last year in California alone, 62,668 volunteers participated in Coastal Cleanup Day. Together, we removed over 728,289 pounds of trash and 143,291 pounds of recyclable waste from over 1,500 miles! Learn more about Coastal Cleanup Day at healthebay.org/ccd.

Sign up here to be part of the change and begin fundraising now! Supporters who raise $100 or more get a Heal the Bay t-shirt!


Can't make it to Coastal Cleanup Day? You can still support a CCD fundraiser here or donate to Heal the Bay. Just a $25 donation can help run a cleanup site in your neighborhood.

Why is Coastal Cleanup Day important?

  • Trash in the ocean compromises human and wildlife health, which affects the livelihoods of millions all over the planet. We all need clean water. 
  • Every little piece of paper, cigarette butt or bottle cap that makes its way to street sewers ends up in streams or rivers and eventually down to the ocean. 
  • Oceans are the largest part of our water cycle, generating oxygen and rain necessary to sustain life on Earth.