Hoops of Hope

Hoops of Hope

 10 Years of Changing the Game    

Hoops of Hope: Shooting Free Throws to Help Children Orphaned by HIV and AIDS


Please join us in 10 years of changing the game! This is where Hoops of Hope participants can create their own online fund-raising web page. 

Click the start fundraising button above, title your page and set a fundraising goal of $250 or more.  It only takes a few minutes!  Once your page is completed, you can invite friends and family to support you as you shoot free throws to help children orphaned by HIV and AIDS.   

Hoops of Hope is raising funds to build dormitories at the Jonathan Sim Legacy High School in Zambia. For just $4,900 we’ll now be able to build a structure that can house up to 10 students at the high school that Hoops of Hope funds helped build several years ago. Their current dormitories are overflowing, and kids are sleeping on the floor because it’s too far for them to walk to school every day. Our hope is to be able to raise enough to build at least 15 of these structures this year, which will take care of generations of students who are desperate for an education in that rural area. It’s amazing how much can be done with just under $5,000! Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of making that happen!

Over the past ten years, Hoops of Hope participants have raised over $3 million. This money has been used to fund the following:

  • Clothing, education, and food for over 100 orphans
  • High school, 4 dormitories, solar powered computer lab & teacher housing in Twachiyanda, Zambia
  • Medical testing facility & counseling center in Sinazongwe, Zambia 
  • Computer Lab in Sinazongwe, Zambia
  • Medical clinic in Chilala, Zambia 
  • Water project in Tseikuru, Kenya
  • 2 orphan hope centers in Swaziland
  • School for the Dalit people of India
  • Projects at the Huruma Children's Home in Kenya
  • Sudanese Orphan care in Kenya
  • Water project and feeding program in Mteme, Malawi
  • 250 bicycles, 750 mosquito nets, and 1,0000 medical care kits to AIDS caregivers
  • Thousands of backpacks filled with school and hygiene supplies to orphan children 

Across the world, over 5,700 children every day are losing one or both parents to HIV and AIDS. The problem is huge and clouds the future of these children with fear and uncertainty. But now you can make a significant difference for the children and families in Africa and the US - and have a lot of fun doing it! Your personal fund-raising goal of $250 or more will make a huge difference in providing help for them.

Through Hoops of Hope, you can directly impact the lives of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS and other vulnerable children.  Please join our team by creating your own fundraising page, today.