IDSC Grow With Us Campaign

We need your help! We are helping thousands of families every day, who have a loved one with Down syndrome, and we want to help more. Your donation of $21 will help us do that! 
The IDSC is growing. We are thankful for our members and the support within our community.

As we continue to grow, our needs continue to grow too. Financial support from individuals like you allows the IDSC to provide support to more families, broaden our outreach, and continue to meet our mission.

Your $21 donation will help us make these 21 dreams come true!

1. Prenatal Diagnosis Information Packet
2. Information for new parents
3. Up-to-date information for physicians
4. Outreach to schools and businesses to increase acceptance and inclusion
5. Increase adult advocacy
6. Increase international advocacy
7. IDSC Billboard Campaign
8. Scholarships for families/self-advocates to attend IDSC WDSD Meet-Ups
9. Expansion and marketing expenses for IDSC Meet-Ups
10. Costs incurred from the Wrap Up to WDSD in Memphis TN
11. IDSC literature for Step Up/Buddy Walk tables
12. Expenses for participating in national conventions
13. Marketing costs to maintain IDSC
14. Update IDSC website
15. Update computer software for IDSC photo campaign
16. Production costs of IDSC WDSD Kick-Off Video
17. Maintain monthly fees for IDSC website
18. Maintain IDSC store
19. Dues and fees to national and other organizations
20. Adoption option resources
21. Online medical resources

Let us know what you want to add to this list, and help us grow. Today we help serve thousands of families through support and advocacy. Tomorrow we can do so much more, with your help!

Thank you for your support, and all you do to help promote the dignity and respect for every person.

Other ways you can help!  Contributing is not the only way to help. Getting the word out there about the IDSC Grow With Us campaign is as important as the donations. If you appreciate our efforts, and you want to continue to grow with us, please share this campaign here, there, and everywhere.

On behalf of everyone behind the scenes of the IDSC, thank you!

The IDSC is a non profit 501 c 3. Our EIN 45-5518594