Founded in 1979, our mission is to work together with those in need of housing support services to create individualized solutions to homelessness.  We provide shelter and comprehensive support services for individuals and families. Our Representative Payee program and Housing Support Case Management program offer homelessness prevention for non-residents who may be otherwise precariously housed.  Additionally, we work together with Youth Services to provide the Youth Shelter Collaborative, which provides transitional housing to homeless youth.   

We are pleased to announce our efforts to fundraise for Project: Re-Vamp Morningside Shelter!  We're seeking volunteers and monetary donations to help us improve the overall condition of our main (29-bed) Shelter, which 120 people called home last year.  Our shelter facility operates out of an old farmhouse and gets a lot of wear and tear.  

Please consider making a donation, creating a fundraising page, and/or contact us if you would like to volunteer!  You may also make a general donation.