National Association of Mothers' Centers


Why walk for the NAMC?

"My research shows that the most important things mothers need are support and a sense of belonging to a community.  Mothers' Centers are ahead of the research." - Andrea O'Reilly, Director, Mothering Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, York University, Toronto, Ontario

They're new moms. They've just given birth, become step-moms or recently adopted.  They're parents of toddlers, tweens and teens.  They're moms and dads at home and parents navigating work and family.  They all want to be the best parents they can be.... and we help them get there!

The funds raised for the NAMC, a 35 year old non-profit, will underwrite a menu of programs that provide moms and other caregivers peer support, a sense of camaraderie, empathy, information, and other resources. The NAMC puts mom first by supporting her wherever her walk through motherhood takes her.

We ask that you put your best foot forward and support the NAMC so we can continue to encourage a positive change with mother's putting their best foot forward.



Changes to the event this year

As the beloved Long Beach boardwalk is being recreated, the NAMC has recreated our Mile For Mothers, one “foot“ at a time. Honor a Mother in your life and help us fill 5, 280 shoes representing the number of feet in a mile.   Each $5 gets us one foot closer to walking this mile and reaching our goal. Have her name displayed on a shoe that will virtually walk the mile on our Scroll of Honor on our website.

 We know that you are ready to get started with your fundrasing to help Moms be the best they can be.  We ask that you take that first step and create a personal fundraising page to garner the support of your family and friends.

 Start today and be eligible to win an IPad as our top fundraiser this year!


About Mile for Mothers

When you take part in Mile for Mothers, you're joining an international community of thousands of mothers and others who are standing up to highlight the important work of raising children and participating in a global effort to support families every day. 

Make a donation today and Honor a Mom in your life!  


 Warmest Regards 
The NAMC Board and Staff