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iPads for Apple Patch Autism Center

iPads for Apple Patch Autism Center

In January of 2012 Apple Patch opened ACAP (Autism Center Apple Patch) to service adults with autism. ACAP is the only adult day program of its kind in the region. 

Our staff has done in-depth research on autism and found that iPads are a wonderful tool for our clients. They can hold them, touch them, and use many helpful apps that advancer their learning capabilities. iPads are less threating to clients as well as proved a more hands on approach than a laptop or desktop.

Currently we have 3 iPads that are used in our classrooms and are VERY popular. Each client gets a set amount of time to work with an instructor and the iPad. They use several apps such as text to speech, color me, autism express and many more.

WE NEED MORE IPADS! Being a nonprofit our budget is limited and at this time cannot afford to purchase anymore iPads for ACAP. I am launching this campaign with hopes of being able to have at least two more iPads for our clients.

In just a little over two weeks’ time a client that is nonverbal and has never been able to communicate his wants and feelings easily can now use the iPad to tell people he is happy, sad, hungry, tired, cold and many other things. He’s parents are so overwhelm with joy that he can now express emotion with a click of his finger. One of the iPads that will hopefully come from this fundraiser will be dedicated to that client to be a take home item. He will be allowed to take it home with him to help he communicate with his parents and other around him. His family is unable to purchase an iPad for him at it would mean a world of difference in his life to have one at home. 

Our clients are the most special people in the world to me and to see them blossom with technology warms my heart each and every day. Please help me to make their world a little brighter.       

If you would like some more information on how great the iPad is for people with autism 60 Minutes did a story on it a few months ago: Video on the iPad: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7385686n

Apple Patch also accepts the donation of used technology such as cell phones, ipods, old ipads and the like.