Camp No Limits is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) providing camps for children with limb loss, and education, mentorship, and support to these children and their families.

The Camp No Limits dream all started with a little 2 1/2 year old boy named Nicholas who had a big smile, a spark in his eye, and who was missing three limbs. I was working at  Therapy Corner (private pediatric therapy clinic) and Nicholas was my first patient with limb loss. Throughout his therapy he constantly amazed me with his determination and his willingness to try anything that was asked of him. 

Hanger Prosthetics now Hanger Clinic constructed Nicholas' first prosthetics. He took his first steps at age 3, and amazed us all when he wrote his name for the first time!  I became determined to make sure that this boy never lost his drive to succeed, and to ensure that he never had limits imposed on his potential.

In 2004, while brainstorming how to motivate others with limb loss to reach their potential, Bambi Lombardi (Otto Bock Health Care) suggested a camp to educate children and their families in the importance of physical and occupational therapy and prosthetic options.  Research revealed that no such camp existed, and my mission was born.  From the first weekend camp in August 2004, hosted by Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine, Camp No Limits began to take shape. Now after a snowball effect the dream has now expanded nationwide into Maine, Missouri, Maryland, Florida, Idaho, California, and Camp sNOw in the winter in Maine.  Expansion again in 2013 is in progress with plans for rotational camps around the country...

We developed the following program of events:

The vision of Camp No Limits is to be the leading camp for young people with limb loss, and their families, in the United States and abroad and to be recognized for camper satisfaction, amputee education, peer support and age specific physical, recreational and social skill development. At this time there is no other camp available for children with limb loss and their families with the therapeutic programs that Camp No Limits has to offer. Camp No Limits has developed a daily schedule of programs and events that are offered to campers and their families. Event opportunities vary depending on the camp location and season.  Camp No Limits offers four programs in their daily schedule. Our programs include an extensive education and therapy program teaching life skills such as tying shoes, learn to hop, or run, or cook a meal.  Sports and Recreation to give us the opportunity to learn to swim, ride a bike, fish, rock climb and so much more!  Creative Arts and Music to learn to adapt an instrument or a way to create music and art!  Evening program with all the fun of camping including a campfire, camp songs, talent shows and more!

All programs incorporate physical and occupational therapists with experience in working with children with limb loss.  We encourage prosthetists and adult amputee mentors at all camps and recreational adaptation specialists.  We encourage prosthetic, recreational, educational, and health care vendors to attend all camps to expand our level of exposure as to what is available to those living with limb loss and we have found.. the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!

There really are NO LIMITS!!!!!

We ask families and volunteers to raise $500 per person to attend Camp No Limits as this is the average cost per person.  I hope you are able to help with this goal!  We have yet to turn away a camper due to lack of funding!  Please help us make sure that we never have to turn anyone away!

 Check out our official video for Camp No Limits thanks to Sunnyville Films of NY