Children have rights. We fight for them.


Join our movement.

The girl who no longer comes to school. Because she’s been removed from an abusive home. The boy who is overmedicated. Because he was “acting out” after being separated from his sisters and brothers. The child whose name nobody knows. Because it’s her eighth school in four years.

These are the children we fight for. Children who have lost their homes, through no fault of their own. Children not adequately protected by an overburdened and underfunded child welfare system. Children desperate for a trained, compassionate, consistent adult who can lift up their voice.

That adult is a CASA  volunteer. A trusted adult who is empowered to ensure that each child is well cared for—able to find a safe, loving, permanent home with an adopted family, extended family, our returned to their birth parents when it is safe to re-unite. An adult they can trust, in the words of one youth, to “keep showing up.”

Today in Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion Parishes, 70 children have a CASA volunteer. But almost 650 do not. We fight for all these children. And we will keep fighting until every child in the system has a CASA volunteer. Every single one. Join us!