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This growth reflects, I think, better understanding about alcoholism and addiction. Today, more people know that addiction isn't a moral failing, nor a lack of willpower. More people accept that it's a complex disease that inflicts terrible physical, emotional, and spiritual pain whose ripple effect damages families, friends, and indeed, society as a whole. And along with knowledge has come recognition that people can and do achieve long-term sobriety transforming themselves into responsible, compassionate, and productive members of their families and society.

Today's young people can't imagine the impact of Betty Ford, the wife of the President of the United States, sharing the story of her addiction and, more important her sustained recovery. Fifteen or twenty years ago, few people-even those in recovery-could imagine, or hope, that thousands of people all over the country would join together and publicly celebrate recovery.

Of course, some people still don't understand and unfortunately, stigma still thrives. The need for awareness and education continues.

By supporting "Recovery Walks!" you will help individuals celebrate recovery and educate the public about recovery. I hope you will do so.

There are a number of ways for you to help us, I have included an enclosure for your convenience. If you need more information please visit us on the web or call me directly at (860) 244-2227.

I encourage you to promote recovery with us!

Thank you for your consideration.


Phillip A. Valentine

CCAR Executive Director