Please help us raise funding to achieve our mission!  All grassroots fundraising will be used to pay for programs that help us achieve our mission like funding general research projects, hosting an annual conference for families and physicians and administrating our patient registry.

Help our families raise money to help with conference fees!

You can also raise money for disease specific research by setting up your fundraising page under the following events:

Neuroendocrine Hyperplasia of Infancy (NEHI)

Pulmonary Interstitial Glycogenosis (PIG)

Bronchiolitis obliterans

Surfactant Deficiency

Unknown chILD

We have had great success with families raising money for NEHI research and we have been able to offer multiple research grants as a result of this success.  We are now adding campaigns to raise research funding for other diseases.  If you donate to one of these campaigns, we will use 70 cents of every dollar raised to go into a fund for specific research topics recommended by our scientific advisory board.  The other 30 cents will go to fund other initiatives that help all of our chILD patients like research registry data entry support, the annual conference, and a small percentage will go to our overhead so we can accomplish our mission.