Dawn Farm


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Why Support Dawn Farm?

For more than 42 years, Dawn Farm has met community needs with compassion, creativity and hope. From our humble roots in 1973 to the current array of programs today, Dawn Farm’s plainspoken ideal has always been the same—to be the place where addicts and alcoholics could go for help, regardless of their ability to pay.

With residential services, supportive transitional housing, outpatient treatment, sub-acute detoxification and a range of active outreach programs, Dawn Farm has always been there to help.

Here are the ways that we helped last year:
  • Treated 731 addicts and alcoholics in our Detox programs.
  • Treated 273 men and women in our residential programs. 
  • Offered 371 men and women a new start in our Transitional Housing program.
  • Offered 34 teens and their families hope in our Youth & Family program. 
  • Served 399 men and women in our Jail Outreach program.
  • Helped 600 people through our Outpatient Services—in more than 10 groups a week.
  • Continued to offer the public our free workshop series, the Education Series & Teens Using Drugs, designed to educate the community on addiction and recovery.