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Firstgiving makes it easy and simple for you to raise funds quickly and easily to help support vital FMDSA programs like our International Patient Registry, Grassroots Awareness Program (GAP), and Physician and Patient Education Programs.

Firstgiving provides the template, and web address. All you need to do is fill in the requested information! You can then e-mail your personalized web page to family and friends to encourage donations by credit/debit card in an easy, secure transaction.

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Getting started is easy
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Helpful hints and ideas to get you started!

  • Tell your story. Why FMDSA is important to you?
  • Set a money goal and a deadline to achieve your goal.
  • Personalize your thank you (Firstgiving sends an automatic response to those that donate).
  • Add your Firstgiving web page address to your signature/title at the end of all your personal and business e-mails.
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  • Ask family and friends to donate for birthdays, holidays, graduation, anniversaries, etc.
  • Offer a matching gift (10 cents on the dollar...) to FMDSA.
  • Offer your services (such as baked goods or babysitting) or your spouses services, for large donations.
  • Form teams and work together to raise money.
  • Planning on throwing a party in the future? Have invitees RSVP by making a donation to your Firstgiving page.
  • Create a YouTube video and let people know about your Firstgiving web page.
  • Keep family and friends updated with your progress. Let them know when you are close obtaining your goal.
  • Good Luck!



The Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America, Inc. is a voluntary health organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by Fibromuscular Dysplasia (FMD) by raising awareness and developing funds to promote research towards new medical treatments and diagnostic tools.

The Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America, Inc. was founded on March 11, 2003 and received tax exempt status on October 7, 2003. The FMDSA is a Delaware nonprofit corporation which is classified by the IRS as exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and as a "public charity" under IRC Section 509. Therefore, donations from individuals and corporations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.