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Bob and Nancy Strait Trust
In memory of D-Day Veteran Bob Strait and the Late Nancy Strait

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Bob and Nancy Strait Trust

This page has been set up to provide a secure internet capability to raise money for the family of Bob and Nancy Strait to cover medical expenses and legal expenses associated with the traumatic events that occured to Nancy and Bob Strait on 14 March.

Special thanks to for supporting this endeavor and allowing the Strait family to use their non-profit gateway.  Another great example of Vets taking care of Vets.

This is the ONLY official online portal to donate to the Strait family.  Please be cautious donating to other organizations online.  This is fully backed up by both Gallant Few and Ranger Up and is happening with the permission of the Strait family.


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Zach Reilly Ir was either I donate or get a tshirt, karma means more to me then a piece of fabric thank God for men like Mr. Strait.

Joel Rydйn Why would anyone do this? God bless you all.
Anonymous God bless the Strait's
OD Old Soldiers never die - up in Heaven w/the Misses
Son of America Find the scum who did this, and end them.
Dawson Family, Reno Nevada When you can't be there to help, you can give.
Mudbone6 USMC May God bless and keep Mr. and Mrs. Strait
The Barnsleys
The Irish Dragoness
robbie574 Gob Bless
Jennifer Fiore God bless
Anonymous RIP
falero Rest in Peace
Anonymous I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next
Jane RIP My prayers are with the family
Sean MacMillen God Bless the Strait family! Rest in peace
Tomare Utsu Zo
Sully The Straits were an American love story...RIP
Christopher Mook God Bless and Rest in Peace.
Raven Payment RIP to an American hero and his beloved.
Clint & Jennifer Adams
Dylan Cronin
James McCarthy Rest in peace Mr. and Mrs. Strait.
Charles R
Don and Beth Kingston veterans take care of veterans. always.
Tiffany Madison God bless you both, Mr. and Mrs. Strait.
Alfred John Sanchez God Bless. I pray for peace and healing.
airborne762 From an OEF/OIF veteran of the 82nd Airborne
Julie MosleyThank you for doing this.
John Grimm Thanks for spreading the word. God bless them both
G. W. Brown From another Screaming Eagle. God bless you!
Steve God bless you.
C.W. O'Brien Here's to us and those like us, damn few left.
Heather Lore
Anonymous God bless. We will leave no one behind.
Ranger Coffee God bless the Straits, and God bless America. RLTW
Mike Wood We ALL have a rendezvous with destiny!

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