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Kiss My Asana Yogathon

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Sandra Razieli's Page

Those of you who have been in my classes, practiced yoga with me, played soccer with me, shared the bimah or have just hung out together, know that one of my favorite poses is what I affectionately call Bigasana.

It’s simple -take your legs wide, take your arms wide and breathe.  Open to the space around you, open to your potential, open to life.

This is what Mind Body Solutions does for so many people and in order for them to do it more, they need financial support.  

Mind Body Solutions is a Minnesota based organization whose mission is to transform trauma, loss and disability into hope and potential by awakening the connection between mind and body. They are best known for adapting yoga for persons living with disabilities. They also offer innovative workshops for caregivers and healthcare professionals, teaching to integrate practical mind-body techniques into daily practices, resulting in more satisfied, committed caregivers and better patient outcomes.

To support them, I am participating in their Kiss My Asana Yogathon and I invite you to join me in this endeavor.  For this month, I will dedicate my practice to focusing on opening up some of my constricted places; to step into what is more difficult for me. I tend to love forward bends and avoid backbends. So for this month, I'm going to dedicate my practice to backbends.  You may find me teaching them more often in class too. 

I invite you to sponsor me (all the money goes directly to Mind Body Solutions) or make your own page and ask others to sponsor you.  

Connecting with this fascinating, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating experience of living with and in my body has led me to more fully embrace life and simply feel better.  This is an experience that I want to share as widely as possible.  And this is why I teach and practice.

I am grateful for any way that you can support this endeavor.



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Barbara Petterson Thank you Sandra for being you and sharing yourself with the world!
Rosemary Howley
Maureen Sweeney
Sabina Pecchi
Caryn Aulenbach
Nancy River
Carolyn Boyd
OYS Students
SAM Luckey I'm working on my backbends too!
Gail Rigelhaupt
Sonya Costanza
Don Thank you Sandra, thank you Matthew!
Sharon J Grodin Sandrasana!
Jules 'n 'Chard
Diana Feiger Go back bends!
May Ng
Steve Johnson
Faisa Kaad and Diane Friend
Nedra & Ron Shumway
Beth Bittle So happy to send out my support!
Audrey Knight
Elizheva Hurvich Kiss your asana! What an inspiring idea-- makes me breathe more deeply just reading about it!
Ellie Rush
Michelle Mercer & Bruce Golden We will always be grateful to you for introducing us to Seeds of Peace!
Karen Goldman Best thoughts as you challenge yourself with backbends this month - you inspire us all!
Ginny Howe
Judith and Moshe Razieli Mind Body Solutions is a wonderful place with wonderful people who help others. Top rate instructors who really care.
Amy B Great idea!
Diane Elliot keep up the amazing work!
Golda Deutscher
Melinda Bury
noah alper kol ha kavod!
Aliza Sutker Thank you Sandra for your wonderful commitment. I am grateful to be able to support your efforts.
Laura Hegfield Mind Body Solutions does such important and healing work. Thanks for inviting me to help out.
Anna Rosenbaum
Devin Nordson
Sharon Meyers

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