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Alright r/Islam, lets do this! 

Lets see if we can raise at least $5,000 for Islamic Relief. This is a reddit community effort and donations from Muslims and non-Muslims alike are welcomed!

Our intentions are not to compete with any subreddit, we support all charitable causes to help those who need a helping hand. Our intentions are but Fi sabil Allah في سبيل الله [For the sake of Allah]

For those who would like to cross-donate to our fellow reddit friends at r/Christianity:

For those who would like to cross-donate to our fellow reddit friends at r/Atheism:
For non-UK residents:
For UK residents:



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Faiq Raza slacktivism to the rescue!!!
justsomeguy Its good to see atheists, Christians, and Muslims working together, no?
orlenko From a reddit atheist, former christian, giving to all three fundraisers. Let the poverty end!
Bryan Elliott You had me at eliminating illiteracy. Let a godless man lend a hand.
r/Islam sistah
anon :)
Anonymous In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
On reddit I'm ?
FirstGiving Thank you so much from the FirstGiving team.
beatle42 r/atheism but I suspect this supports a part of the world I don't help often
anonymous atheist Good without God: Just another soulless atheist, giving to all 3 subreddit charities :)
Anonymous Ahmed M can you please report, and ask people to check their obligations
sweeeet83 r/atheism, good luck!
timmyk r/islam
Xenophone from r/Christianity with friendship and love. As salaam alaikum
SweetSerenityy great charity :)
Anonymous with love from the people of the book at r/C.
prplsoda r/atheism supports your cause!
TheRentisToDamnHigh For the LULZ!!! (and charity)

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