Team Double K (Andrea & Kevin Barnhart)


5th Annual Paws 4 A Cure Walk

Wakefield, Massachusetts
Training buddies Kevin Barnhart

Team Double K (Andrea & Kevin Barnhart)

You all know my love for you will understand why this fundraiser is SO important to me.  Clearly it must be..... since you all know how much I dislike exercise in any way, shape or form.  This walk is to help raise funds for those who can't afford treatment for their pet.  This organization began to help pet owners with the cost of treatment for pets with cancer.  Due to poor economic times the founder of Paws4ACure has extended care to animals with unexpected medical needs like a broken bone, surgery or even a simple ear infection.  It's an amazing organization and I know the founder personally. 

Before Kevin and I were blessed with our two beautiful girls we had our "first child" Patches.  She was an amazing dog! She was diagnosed with Lymphoma and Leukemia in 2003.  As crazy as the suggestion of chemotherapy for a dog sounded we began treatment. Patches handled the treatment well and was like a puppy again!  She was in remission from her cancer for over 2 years!  Sadly, when I was 3 months pregnant for Kendall we had to put Patches to sleep.  At the good old age of 14 she had developed congestive heart failure.  We miss her every day!

We are thankful for the extra quality time that these treatments gave us with Patches.  When Patches passed I made a promise to her that I would do something in her honor to help animals. Kevin and I were very lucky that we could afford treatment for Patches.  I can't imagine having a sick or injured pet and having to put them to sleep because I couldn't afford treatment.  So, we are now doing our part to help those that have a beloved pet and are without funds to nurse them back to health.  It's the least we can do after Patches gave us 14 years of happiness.

Please consider sponsoring us on our walk.  No donation is too small and every donation is greatly appreciated! 

Andrea & Kevin Barnhart

Walking in Memory of Patches and Gaspberry

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