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100 Miles, 100 Days, 100 Legs

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100 Miles, 100 Days, 100 Legs

My name is Colleen Haggerty and I am walking 100 miles in 100 days to raise enough money for 100 legs - that's $30,000.00.  My first mile was April 2, 2010.  My last mile will be July 10, 2010.

Walking a mile a day may not sound like much,  but for me, an amputee of 32 years, it is.  Three months ago I couldn't walk around the block without pain. Since then I have been taking daily walks, adding a little more distance every week so that I am now able to walk a mile a day. 

Regaining this mobility has been liberating and has expanded my world. So many more possibilities are open to me now.  For people in developing countries a prosthetic leg and the ability to walk is directly linked to the possibility of earning a living, going to school and being an active, contributing member of their communities.

You can read more about my personal journey on my blog.

You can watch a story about my campaign on KOMO4-TV.

You can walk with me when I complete my 100th mile at POF's walkathon on July 10th in Seattle's Seward Park.  Register here.

 Please step up and support me. Together we can help 100 people regain their mobility and their lives again.  Thank you.

Offline Donors to date:

  • Lillian I. Zadra  $100.00
  • Robert and Joanne Brown  $35.00
  • Phyllis Riley  $100.00
  • Mr. Palmer's 4th/5th Grade Class  $40.00
  • MAGIC Bake Sale  $111.00
  • Ken and Sue Watjen  $25.00
  • Paul and Therese Brogan  $100.00
  • Sharon Haggerty Anderson  $300.00
  • Jeff Carlstrom  $500.00
  • Janice and Roberty Hayes  $100.00
  • Luella Zerr  $25.00
  • Leslie and Eileen Reardanz  $50.00
  • Denis and Muriel Martin  $50.00
  • Margaret Haggerty  $100.00
  • Oliver and Frances Flor  $30.00
  • Kitkoon Chan  $50.00
  • Marice Jones  $50.00
  • Richard and Melinda Catalano  $1,000.00
  • Thomas and Maureen Blum  $200.00
  • Henry and Margaret Franklin  $50.00
  • Gary and Patricia Corum $50.00
  • Alan Alberts and Phyllis Shacter  $25.00
  • Bob and Pat Lundquist  $25.00
  • Laurel and Tom Kunesh  $100.00
  • Laura Shelton  $10.00
  • Helga Wissenbach  $30.00
  • Chuck and Amy Holtorf  $100.00
  • William and Mary Lanfear $25.00
  • Alice G. Messier $50.00
  • Dennis and Kathleen Stremick $85.00
  • Curt Veldhuisen and Joanna Nesbit $25.00
  • Pauline Mooney $30.00
  • Leslie and Diane Reardanz $50.00
  • Gail A. Goralski $100.00
  • Lisa and Sean West $100.00
  • Margaret A. (Meg) Haggerty $165.00
  • Daniel and Kathleen Riley $25.00


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Bill & Melinda Lunsford You have walked forward with a generous spirit!
Patty Partington
Carol Madigan
Ina sorry this is late, but I hope it works
Carolyn Allen
Debbie Jones - Larry Stecher You go girl, you are awesome!! :)
sue brimhall You are always an inspiration!
Stan Hanson
Lori Smith You ROCK!!! Great job!
Betsy Wharton yeah! Colleen!
Sandra Free You beautiful, amazing woman. You are in my heart always.
Joe & Judy Coons
Steve & Alison Aleinikoff You are awesome!
Cindy Fanton You are an inspiration to me, I just turned 50 have two good legs and need to get myself moving.
Luann Colombo WOW! Lucas, Get Down! Get Funky!! See you in a few weeks. Go Girl, Love, Luann
Earl & Charlotte Sutherland We're rooting for you!
James & Elizabeth Swenson Colleen, What an inspiration you are!
Sue Sayegh Congratulations, Colleen - what a way to touch the world.
Laurel Robinson Lookin' good, Colleen! Thanks for you.
Diane Shey Thank you!
debra Mcelroy Colleen, you are awesome and so inspiring!
Kathy McHale Wery God Bless!
Breck & Gretchen Anderson Great idea! Show 'em how it's done!
Hilary Barrett Thank you!
Susie Davis You're a brave and powerful woman! Thanks for inspiring all of us.!
Mr. J. Tague Hope the goal is reached!!
robert tilchin i think using a paypal acct would have let you keep more.
Ellen Clark We all think about it, YOU ARE DOING IT !
Marlene Price You are so amazing! I just wish I could do more.
Marinda Peugh You inspire me!
bruce keiser great cause
Linda Scott Great idea, and a wonderful chapter for your memoir. Did you finish it yet?
Mary McMullin I am so impressed by your effort and what a great cause. You go girl!
Walt & Patti Szopiak We are pleased to support your efforts to improve the lives of amputees around the world.
Uncle Denny Way to go Colleen. Love from the Illinois Hags and Uncle Denny
Anonymous I hope everyone will help, I wish it was more.
Deborah & Todd Donovan Thanks for doing this.
Cherie Schumacher. Complete and total awesomeness!
$100.00 Congratulations on your great work and ambitions!
Lee and Christine Hagmeier "keep on truckin"
Carolyn Nielsen Thompson and John Thompson We feel so lucky to know such an amazing woman.
Anonymous Good luck!
Kristen Sieber
Tiffanie Jones Thank you
Lily Anderson and Ken Paige Wow, Colleen. You are amazing.
Bill Ferguson Great work. Good luck
Cheryl Jones I love you so...
Barbara Olson You and my sis are Saints, walking, believe me!

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