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Miles for Melanoma at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

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David Kalisher's Page

I remember sitting at Starbucks a few years ago when my close and dear friend, Gregg, told me that he was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma. The idea of him dying young felt unreal then, as if the tear in my eye was a reaction to a story idea. A fiction.

But it was real. Gregg passed away in January from Ocular Melanoma. We'd known each other since third grade. And while I wake every morning to a new day and the wonders of life, I often find pause with the painful realization that I can no longer share it with Gregg.

In March of 2010, Gregg wrote this: "I've had the opportunity to receive many state of the art treatments. We have a team of multidisciplinary doctors who now think with us, collaborate and fight right along side us. Our aggressive, "out of the box" and "leave no stone unturned" approach is helping me beat the statistics. My fight - our fight - and the fight of many others in my position goes on."

Gregg's treatment kept him ahead of his disease for more than 4 years longer than he was told he might expect to live upon diagnosis with metastases in early 2007. Last year Gregg's wife, Dr. Sara Selig (with Gregg's full support) joined forces with the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) and is now leading an initiative they call CURE OM, an initiative that seeks better resources and better options in fighting Ocular Melanoma.

Please join or sponsor the CURE OM team as we run / walk the 5K - Miles for Melanoma at Universal Studios. All proceeds will go directly to the CURE OM initiative, and will help take a bit of Gregg's hope and energy and direct it to the more than 2000 newly diagnosed patients with Ocular Melanoma each year. Lets help them find a cure!!!

To learn more about ocular melanoma and CURE OM, visit


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Robert Gallagher
Barbara Lazaroff
Joan and Richard Stracks Enjoy your run David, we are all cheering you on!
Octavio Herrera & Amy Roegler
Ellen Have a great run in the spirit of your friend....
Joanna Nesen
Kirsty good cause well done
Lisa Cooper Go DKal. Bring home the gold for G.
Karen Kauffman
Jesse & Helen Kalisher
Sara (and Gregg in spirit) Thank you for love and friendship
Greg Schramm I really hope you can finish. See you in a week.
Alec Thompson
Becky Selig Gregg will be with you in spirit!
Patty Hutton You are a great friend
Simpson Kalisher/Gloria Richards
Sara Run well.
Anonymous I am going to get GE to match this also
Ingrid Flintoft Happy to donate and hope u r running (knees ok?)!

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