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Nancy & Sophie need YOUR help!

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Nancy & Sophie need YOUR help!

UPDATE: October 28,2009 -

Linda arrived with the girls today - after an overnight at her home and a vet visit with Dr. Kim.  Blood panels were ran, heartworm tests updated, fecals and an overall exam.

Nancy has glaucoma and is to be on drops while we wait for test results. She will also need a dental but is in overall GREAT condition! Well done Suz!

Sophie also needs a dental and a spay and again, we'll have to wait for the test results before we can proceed.  Obviously these girls are going to over run our original estimates on vet care - but OH HOW WONDERFUL they are!

Please come on up and visit them!  Thank you Suz & Holly for rehabilitating these beautiful southern belles - and thank you a million times over Linda for driving them all the way from San Antonio!  What's that Nancy??  You want STEAK for dinner???  Ummmm..... Aunt Linda...........;)


UPDATE: October 25, 2009 -

Suz Green, foster mom extraordinare has had the girls for 16 weeks - due to the station fire and all the complication the girls stayed in Texas until yesterday.  As the girls came into their own and Suz and Holly Noelle worked their magic - Sophie the goof is very outgoing and nothing gets in her way of total bassetdom, while Nancy is much more timid.  After acclimating the girls, it was decided multiple transport hand offs or flight would terrorize Nancy and so we looked for a volunteer to drive the whole way - and Linda Miller stepped up to the plate!  Linda flew to San Antonio on 10/22/09 and overnighted with Suz and the girls getting to know each other.  After tearful goodbyes to foster mom Suz and foster sister Holly - Linda loaded up the girls and began her trek from Texas to Daphneyland in a rented car.  The cost of this rental will be $700.00 and we need to raise those funds fairly quickly.  Reports from their "Driver" are wonderful and the first night went well - we will attempt to blog the girls travels here - once they arrive full vet exams will be due to check on progress of heartworm treatment, fecals and address things like dentals and overall health conditions.  -2- texas cuties, straight from the South - arriving this week at Daphneyland. Please help us reach our goal for these girls!


You most likely read about them, but did not know it.

A puppymill bust in Texas, which resulted in the seizure of 500 canines. Among those 500 were many basset hounds.  North Texas Basset Rescue was the receiving rescue, and as all basset rescues typically do in cases like this - a plea went out to help move these bassets to areas that could assist.  Arizona Basset Rescue was on the receiving end of several.  There were -2- girls.... labeled as seniors and "unadoptable".  Here at Daphneyland we don;t believe in that term, and so an angel from AZBHR sent the email, would we take the 2 girls that no other groups could bring in?  Without us these girls would end their life having known nothing but being bred and bred, living in a cage and illness.  We said yes.

North Texas had the girls at their vets office, and it was discovered Nancy and Sophie were very ill ladies.  Heartworm positive, sarcoptic mange, parasites and emaciation deadly combinations. 

Althugh a transport was called for - it was determined the girls could not be moved right away.  And that's when Suz Green - adopter of our very own Holly Noelle - the Blizzard Pups mom stepped up to the plate.  Suz and Holly - a bit lonesome for a newly departed foster hound, decided they had a home and love to give and Holly talked her mom into fostering these lovely ladies.

It's now been 2 weeks, and the girls are eating well (Califronia Natural plus oatmeal for weight gain - supplements etc), they have undergone treatment for the mange and the heartworm, parasites are controlled and all that remains is to rehabilitate them and get them here to Daphneyland from San Antonio TX.  Once in our care there will be more vet care needed - monitoring heartworm, blood panels, fecals not to mention added nutritional support.

We need your help to get these girls funded for what might be a long stretch in rescue....  will you donate to help these poor furkids?  Those that just want love and a full belly?

Thank you to our wonderful offline (but never out of our hearts) donors:

Suz Green & Holly Noelle * Dr. Young Kim DVM, Roswinn Pet Hospital * Sandy Gaston - * North Texas Basset Rescue * Arizona Basset Rescue * Ha Adolfo and * Jim & Sherrie Strachan *


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Nyal Walker For Nancy & Sophie from Houston
Kimberly Casella
Lauren & Trevor We love bassets! Get well soon girls!
Jerome S
Nyal Walker In memory of Neen Walker
bamclesk Us lubs da Texas wadies! (Drake and Roo)
JIM&SHERRIE CHASE&MIDNIGHT The fire is past. The girls will still need help.
AZBHR Angel I am not the angel - you are - Thanks Dawn!!
prutan In memory of Agatha
Ali, owned by Cody and Elliot We love Nancy and Sophi-we HATE puppy mills
Ellen Hongo
BJ & Gary Porter & The Awsome Foursome Calif here you come...Daphneyland will be home!!
Janna & Eddie For two very sweet senior girls
Alva Goodall For the two Texas girls - recovery and new homes.
K&K Kuwahara Freddy & Fletcher send healing kisses
Linda Miller Come on Girls you can do it.
Kim, Rob and Hoss Kurland We are thinking of them and hoping they feel better soon!
Ralph Goodall Anything for Texas gals !
sukey shor
Terry Take care of the elders.
JIM&SHERRIE,CHASE&MIDNIGHT For our fur babies. No animal of any kind should be treated this way.

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