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2008 SUPER Plunge at Northwestern University

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24 PLUNGES IN 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well here we are once again! I am once again VOLUNTARILY plunging my body into the sub-freezing waters of Lake Michigan in February of 2008.  Not just once or twice, but I AM PLUNGING INTO THE ICY WATER ONCE AN HOUR FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be participating in the the Law Enforcement Torch Run SUPER Plunge on February 22nd & 23rd in Evanston, Il.  I will live on Northwestern University's North Beach for a 24 hour period beginning at 1:00PM on Friday Feb. 22nd and I'll make my last plunge at 1:00PM on Saturday Feb 23rd.  Yes, I said LIVE ON THE BEACH.  No hotels here folks, just a comfy heated tent and the warm spirit of Special Olympics to rejuvenate my body and soul for the next plunge!!!


On September 13th, 2000, our son Cole was born.  Cole was our first child and the anticipation of his arrival was so very exciting.  The first time we were able to hold his little body, our love flowed, but something did not seem right.  Just as fast as we were able to love and rejoyce in our new child, he was swept away by the medical team.  Some time later, this same team came back to Wendy's room, without Cole.  The told us Cole had Down Syndrome and he would be mentally disabled for life.  As if clockwork, they started listing the things Cole wouldn't be able to do.  He'll have trouble learning, he'll have trouble living, he'll need therapy, he'll have low muscle tone, he'll have heart problems, etc.  How can a group of "highly educated" medical people take away such joy by professing the future of our new born son?   At Cole's birth, both of us as brand new parents were enveloped with negativity.  The questions then began: "Why Cole?"  Why us?"   The staff at the hospital and others kept making the comment "I'm so sorry about Cole."  What were they sorry about?   At that time we were both emotionally and physically weak from the thought of the new road we were about to travel with our new son, Cole. 

Cole is now 7 years old.  He is in the 1st grade.  Next year, he'll officially be eligible to participate in Special Olympics.  We will treat it like every other thing we introduce him to, slow and steady.  As a father and a Torch Runner, I absolutely cannot wait for this year to go by.  I feel an immense sense of positivity and friendship when I work with the Torch Run and Special Olympics.  I hope it has as much an effect on Cole that it has on me.  For once, he'll be part of a social group that ACCEPTS him.  No one will judge, no one will stare, no one will feel uncomfortable.  To me as a father this is very refreshing because it honestly hurts to see how people will not take the time to know Cole and if anything, they just feel sorry for him and go on with their lives.  These feelings are erased in my involvement with the Law Enforcement Torch Run!!


Please visit this page often, even after donating, as I will be constantly updating it with news and events I am planning to raise funds to hit my goal!  



Also, I have unique sponsorship opportunities for businesses.  This is a VERY unique event that generates lots of major Chicago media outlets.  Let me spread your business information for you!!!


Make all checks payable to Special Olympics Illinois

Send to:

Officer Dwayne English #304

Joliet Police Dept.

150 W. Washington

Joliet, Illinois 60432

All donations received offline will be recognized in this part of the website!

Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to the Law Enforcement Torch Run Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Illinois

Many thanks for your support --and please forward this to your family and friends!!!!

Offline Donations:

Gordie Corp - JPD     $25.00

Nick Amelio - JPD     $50.00

Bob Kerwin - JPD      $25.00

Holly Kerwin -           $25.00

John Kerwin -            $25.00

John Panizzo - JPD   $20.00

Andrea Tatroe - JPD $25.00

Brad & Dawn Ward - $25.00

Art Vandergrift - JPD - $10.00

Dickey Olson  & K9 Rambo - JPD - $20.00

Jim & Pam Reardon - $50.00

Anton Lakota  - JPD - $50.00

Tom & Jan Quillman - $20.00

Cpt. Tony Jerisha - JPD - $20.00

Kathy Hamby - $50.00

Virginia Mahoney - JPD - $20.00

Robert Brown - JPD - $25.00

Penny Slack - $25.00

Mark Demick - JPD - $20.00

Lt. Al - JPD - $30.00

Little Jimmy Dietz - JPD - $20.00

Frank Wascher - JPD - $51.00

Pat Cardwell - JPD - $50.00

B PRO  - JPD - $20.00

Matt Breen - JPD - $20.00

Blackie - JPD - $50.00

The Colonel - JPD - $20.00

JPD NOPT - $140.00

Mike & Tille Schnetzler - $25.00

Larry & Laurie Whitmore - $20.00


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Rauleyfingers Stay Warm Big House!!
sandy ryan Good luck Dwayne, you are the best!
Frank & the gang Be strong big man! Stay warm and realize you're doing a great thing for so many people!!
Manda, Joe & Zachary Sorry I won't be there this year :>(! Good luck to you and Wendy!
Bob Desiderio Wear your mouton to stay warm! Good luck with the plunges.
Wendy Tessier Very proud of you and your committment to Cole and the Special Olympics!
Kim Pasciak Good Luck and Stay Warm
Bob Mau, Sr. An English-sicle for a geat cause!
Nate Schultz Go Dewey! Jump in! I'm sure the water is just fine.
Chad & Missy Grischow Good luck, Dewey! You and your family are amazing!
Lena Harston/Contours Express Joliet Go Dwayne!
Mimi Nolan My Sister, Jeannie Curran Sent me your info, Good Luck, Jeannie is taking the plunge too!!
Jolina Haerle
eBay Sales Donated Item Sold On eBay! Thank You!
Barb Bolitho You are an inspiration!
beckygadomski Gofurit English! John, Becky & Danny
Stacy Trinka I will be cheering you on from Michigan again this year :)
Sgt Tom & Radio Chris Keep warm!
Kari Parker May it be the fastest 24 hours of your life!
rich marose Great job D - Good luck- Rich
Mike & Jamie Batis Our best to you Dwayne
Brian Benton
Bogey Schu I love Cole!!
lilfeet829 We wish you and Wendy good luck!!!
Kelly & Kurtis Sufka
Derek, Sara, Vaughn, and Baby If you act like it's Bid Night, then your core temp is likely below 95 F. Stay warm.
Cindy Lou I'm SO Proud of you man!! Way to go! :)
Bill Mulcahy stay tuff---I can relate to these problems.
Chad, Julie, Ethan & Emma Walz Go get em' Dewey!!
Renae Ferguson
Theresa Good luck! Stay warm!! :)
Willis Just think of a warm Hawaii ocean every time you go in...
Kristen C. I'll be thinking warm thoughts for you!
Traci Goepper & Jeremy Harrison Good Luck Dwayne! Stay warm!
Joyce Toso Hope you met your goal!!
James Powers
Peggy Thomas
Vicki Martell
Chad and Julie McBane Go Dewey!
Ebay Sales Donated Ebay Item Sold! Thank You!
Dale Underwood Good luck Dwayne! I am shivering thinking about it.
Jeanne Curran & Rich Halko God Bless see you at the little plunge!!!!
Mardi Wunderlich
cowboy steu Fortuna Favet Fortibus. Good luck!
Mark Lauer Godspeed English
Retired Sgt.Chiz Good Luck !!

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