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Emily's 48h Marathon: 24h Meditating, 24h Painting

This year, for the meditation marathon, I am adding a second 24hour marathon to my first one.


My plan is to meditate for 24 hours to complete the Third EnlightenNext Marathon, have a good cup of coffee, and then start up again and complete a creativity marathon, where I will paint for 24 ongoing hours.

Why? I'm excited to do this because it's a challenge that… terrifies me a little bit, but also because I'm set out to demonstrate that human beings are capable of feats beyond the rational mind when they align with the deepest parts of themselves and the nature of reality.

What is it that enables someone to sit for 24 hours and be fully awake the whole way through? What is it that is inherent to creativity that activates us at a much higher level than we usually operate?

It's something that goes beyond the rational mind and the material universe--and that's why I'm posing myself a challenge that seems downright irrational.

If all my friends give me $10, I'll hit my goal. It equals $50 per hour of my 48 hour marathon. So show me some support!

I truly appreciate any donation and will be sure to thank you after I've slept, on Dec 13.

Much love to all,

If you donate $50 or over, receive a small painting from the day of my marathon. If you donate $100 or over, receive a larger painting from the day of my marathon!


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Jeff Feldman Keep going, Emily! Bravo!
Mary A From Being to Becoming ...YES!
Didier Great Emily!
Drew and Adriane Great Idea!
Rosa Claire DETEVE Go Emily!
Andra Stillness followed by creativity - awesome!
Anonymous for the absolute- in being and creating
Anonymous love your idea!!!
Grant & Gayle You go girl !!
Erin Aquin Looking forward to seeing your art! Love
Nancy Pitney Tat tvam asi, Thou art That.
Ryan Diener Awesome challenge!
Judy Awesome Emily! Love, Judy
Bucket Brigade Matching Dad's donation!
Bucket Brigade Matching NK's donation!
Bucket Brigade Matching Emma's donation!
Bucket Brigade Matching Bergen's donation!
Dad “Close your eyes and see”
Dana Go Emily!!!
NK On the edge :)
Emma Harris Good luck!
Bergen be sure to post your paintings, sounds awesome!
caroline chauveaux deep and beautiful colored inspiration
Ali Voss 48 hours!? WOW, good luck!
Bucket Brigade Matching Dana's Donation
carole jeanne To make colors of Spirit explode on your canvas !!
Mom Inspired by your 48h challenge - from Nothing to creative Eros!
Debbie Wilson a post 50 world is the place to be
Tamara hit the ground of being & create as never before!
Nadia Em- way to push your own limits! Inspired.
Mike & Nandita Toronto's Challenge!
Reid Pitney Higginson Beaucoup de d'amour!

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