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United Network for Organ Sharing

Hallie Twomey's Fundraising Page
Celebrating the anniversary of: My Dad's Heart Transplant

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United Network for Organ Sharing

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UNOS' mission is to advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting its communities for the benefit of patients through education, technology and policy development.


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Jeffrey Poor give my best to your parents and brother.
Darla Hall I hope all who donated are/become organ donors.
Laura Peach i am so proud of you and proud to be a part of this from the beginning!!! love you hallie
The Mooneys This is a wonderful thing you are doing! I'm so proud of you!
Amanda and Brian Polito I said I would give more when I could. Better late than never, right? :)
Tara Jefferson Sorry it took so long--Congratulations on making your goal!
The Krahns You did it!
King Of New York Hacks Brilliant Job by all !! Great Family , be very proud of yourselves !!
Bonny (Weinstein) Price Congrats on reaching your goal, Hallie!
Joanna Jenkins Found you through The King of New York Hacks! Great Job!!!
Alice Bagley Hallie, I'm so proud of you for doing this! Thanks for making a difference!
Laura Kondo Way to hats off to you!
Karen Martin Congratulations Hallie - You are an inspiration!
Venise and Mark Fournier Congrats Hallie! Your Dad must be so proud :)
Kristi Norcross Your dad is a great man!!
Anita and Larry Poulin Your Dad looks great! Happy to help the cause!
Caution Flag aka Lisa Congrats, Hallie, on reaching your goal!
Stephanie LeBlond You are as amazing as your father!
Fred Ring
K&T wtg Hallie - props to your dad, the donor's family, and supporters of the cause.
Danielle Dubois To Poppa, thank you for welcoming me arms open wide =]
Dottie YEAH BABY! You did it!
John H Kleschinsky Horray I put you over the top!!! GOD I have been waiting forever to donate.
As Cape Cod Turns
Cathy Kea Great Job Hallie! Sorry it took so long
Mike B Got to believe
Trainwreck Sorry it took so long. Hope this helps. Congratulations on all your work. You are doing a great job!
Amy K Best of luck!
Theresa Congrats, Hallie! Nicely done!
Michelle Lewis Hallie, I told you you would exceed your goal.
Tanis Palmer Every little bit helps, right?!
Wendy McKinnon Good job, Hallie! RED SOX
Mom & Dad Twomey Wishing you well on your wonderful fundraising quest.
Lindsay Chelsom good job, Hallie! I am sure you will make your goal very soon!
Jen Almost there! I'll donate my $$, and my organs too!
Liz & Doug Getting close to your goal!
Ann Jerelds A Donor family member (in memory of my brother) Red Sox
Robina You're almost there!!!!!
John K Happy Birthday Bill - great job with this Hallie here is a couple of sawbucks towards your goal
Jen T.
Rikki Nevins As a fan of WWoW it wouldn't be right for me NOT to donate! :) Red Sox!
Sandy and Mike Kirkpatrick
Patti Peters Love your family!
Debra(FourAngel'sMomma) In honor of Hallie's Dad, in memory of my brother, Rob, and to celebrate my 47th birthday. Great job
Marcy Able Way to go Hallie! You are doing a wonderful thing!

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