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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Kelly Scarratt, and Austin Robert Carlile saved my life. I'm sure if you are on this page, you are a fellow Of Mice & Men fan, and if you're not, i'm here to tell you why this amazing man is worth your time, dedication, support, and donations. Austin Carlile was born September 27th 1987, making hie has had many struggles in his lifetime, including being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome in 2007 along with omething that i wrote in a letter to him that is just a simple glimspe into my admiration of this man:

"He is my anti-depressant, he sung life into me. I am in awe of him, he’s made me sleep better at night and wake up happier every morning. When the negative thoughts creep back in, I see his face and I know I deserve more than that. I know everything is going to be okay, and life is everything I make it to be: under the façade of fear, there is so much beauty. He undimmed my eyes and exposed me to the light. Through his lyrics, his passion, his heart & strength, he led me out of the dark."

Austin has dedicated his life to music that saves lives. He is an incredible humanitarian who advocates against bullying (something that he was a victim too in his high school years), hosts beach-clean ups in Southern California, spends Christmas with his fans and people who would have otherwise been alone, had a food drive for "Feed Our Children Now" and raised over 2,300 pounds of food for those who go hungry, and donates his duplicate fan gifts to a local orphanage (somewhere where he lived at one point in his life). . These are only very few of what Austin Carlile has done to give back to the community, but I think the most important thing out of everything that he does is this: he loves his fans. His fans are family, no matter who you are, how old you are, what sexual preference you have, what gender, or situation you might be in, what you have done or where you are going, he is there for YOU, and he cares about us all. It's time we show an extreme appreciation for our hero, and this is why I partnered with the Marfan Foundation to raise this money in honor of his rose, his mother. I believe that together, we can make him proud. Everything, every little cent is donated right away into awareness and finding a cure for this disease. On May 1st, I am going to present to Austin a donation receipt of all that we accumlated with every single person who donated's name of it. It's faithfulness at it's finest, let's do this for Austin. 



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Cady You inspire me and I'm happy to help you reach your goal. I had a little more than I thought. Congratulations for fulfilling your goal! 😊
mary powell
Nicole Muncey I love and admire you for doing this. I any wait for you to see Austin's face when you hand him this. Thank you Kelly! 3
Izzy L I love you so much Kelly and what you're doing is amazing!! Sorry I can't donate a lot but I'm glad to help be a part :)
terra keith You inspire me so much.
Nadia Sanchez I hope this helps. What you're doing is amazing. You are truly inspiring Kelly!
Summer Hartley Hey! Just giving a couple bucks left on an old gift card. ;) tonight i'll donate more!
Jasmin Not much but I wanted to help out one last time before you reach the goal! You´re amazing! Love you!
niki Adams This is bulletproof_Heart! Sorry I can't donate more. I hope this will help
Kelly Scarratt
Kelly Scarratt
Kelly Scarratt
Sara Moritz I finally have some money, but barely any. Hope this helps! Love, Sara; a.k.a The girl who saw you at work whom is from Texas
Anonymous Your doing a great job raising this money.
Breeahna Martinez This is an amazing thing you're doing, Kelly. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & more.
Sarah Moore MUAH!3
Harlee Pope Keep moving forward girl. You got this (:
Nancy Gutierrez I hope my donation helps :) I love what you're doing Kelly! Keep it up girl!:)
Amy Orozco I'm not putting much, but I really hope this helps get you to your goal.
Kelly Scarratt
Kelly Scarratt
Kennedy Chambers
Allison Thomas
Allison Thomas
Zoe H. Hey Kelly! I know this means a lot to you and Im donating this money to help others in need and I hope this helps!
tylerc good luck an best wishes to everybody suffering from this! 3
Sara Blind (sarablindmeow) I bought a shirt but I wanted to donate more cos I know how much this means to you. You have a heart of gold, Kelly
Elizabeth Sundy Kelly! I know I donated when I got my shirt but I had to give more. I know it's not much, I've been out of work. Best of luck sweet angel!
Margarete I hope this helps. I don't have many friends but you're a good friend & a generous and beautiful person. Thanks & Good luck!@Dearly_YoursYDG
terra keith Great job, Kelly. I'm proud of you, girl!
monesha sauve I love you and Austin and all you stand for 3 your an inspiration !
Beatriz Quiroz You are amazing, not too many people have the dedication you have. I truely hope the best happens because you deserve that and much more.
Megan Crawford I wish you the best of luck with everything going on with Austin. You work hard and deserve everything good coming your way!
Hannah S It's a great thing you're doing, Kelly!
Emma Cuevas I love you Kells so much. It's not much, but soon I'll donate more.
Bliss Juday I'm happy I'm finally able to donate some money. It's not a lot, but at least it's some 3
Jordan Griffin
Kelly Scarratt
Hunter Howlin
Jessie Seubert Austin Carlile is an amazing person and i will do anything to help support this cause and help him and others with their problem. 3
Jasmin Sweetheart, you put so much effort in this so let me at least cover the postage for the shirt. :)
Meryssa Samano This is the least I can do for all that him and the rest of OM&M have done for me.
Paige Fiddyment Austin, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and all the fans. You are such a huge inspiration to so many people.
Jessy You are my hero& inspiration everyday.A message or something would be cool just something to keep me going.
Maddy Israel Ausitn pulls me out of my negativity all the time, he deserves everything beautiful ❤️ and mad props to you Kelly!
Ilanda Buscemi

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