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Jack's Lanterns

We are inspired by Jack Donaldson, our beloved son, nephew, and friend. We will never forget him. His patience and good humor inspire us to keep moving when the going gets tough. His intelligence and attention to detail inspire us to do our best and to notice the needs in the world around us. His kindness and love for others inspire us to support a ministry he loved:  Samaritan's Purse.  

The name "Jack's Lanterns" reminds us that Jack's light is still with us. Through Samaritan's Purse, we share Jack's light and help others in the name of the Light of the World.

A few of us ran our first full marathon in memory of Jack. Others are running for the first time in a long time, or choosing new distances and events in honor of Jack. Please lace up your shoes and join us! If you would like to join our team, just let us know.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support.

Luke 1:37 "Nothing is impossible with God."
Jack's Lanterns

Learn more about Jack and his family at

Liz Whiston-Dean (Blacksburg Classic 10 miler, 2/18/12, DC RnR Half Relay, 3/17/12, Virginia Creeper Marathon, 3/25/12, Run for Good Food Half, 4/28/12, New River Trail 5k, 6/16/12, Run with the Law 5k, 6/23/12, New River Trail 50k, 10/13/12)

Tim Donaldson (Run Your Heart Out 5k 2/12/12, DC RnR Half, 3/17/12, Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-12/2012, Army 10-miler, 10/21/12)

Isaac Dean (Rock Pulaski 5k, 3/10/12, DC RnR Half Relay, 3/17/12)

Caroline Dean (Rock Pulaski 5k, 3/10/12, Run for Good Food 5k, 4/28/12)

Cynthia and Brian Styers

Anne Demo (Lake George Half, 4/29/12)

Rob Hodges (Virginia Creeper Marathon, 3/25/12, New River Trail 5k, 6/16/12, Claytor Lake Triathlon, 9/12)

Cox family (Tasha and Mike, Virginia Creeper Marathon, 3/25/12, Mikayla, Meagan and Molly, Run for Good Food, 4/28/12, entire family, New River Trail 5k, 6/16/12)

Simmons family (Olivia and Rachel, Frozen 5k, 1/8/12, entire family, Gainesville Middle School 5k, 3/17/12)

Michael Hill (Frozen 5k, 1/8/12, Madison 5k, 4/14/12, Vienna Elementary 5k, 4/29/12, Sunset 5k, 6/26/12)

Dave Hill (Vienna Elementary 5k, 4/29/12)

Christy Casimiro (Adrenaline 5k, 3/17/12, CONTACT Cape Atlantic Tri, Riverwinds Sprint Tr, 4/29/12, Jersey Shore Kick Off Sprint Tri, 5/12/12, Parvin State Park Duathlon 6/16/12)

Sharon Peno Harrison (Blacksburg Classic 10 miler, 2/18/12)

Jennifer Carr and Ish Elmas (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Sujatha Hampton (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Sheri Wassenaar James (Race for Hope 5k, 5/6/12)

Amy Richards (Race for Hope 5k, 5/6/12)

Carolyn Black Bagdoyan (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Sokphal Tun (Paris Marathon, 4/15/12)

Gail Flammey Reggio (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Stephanie and Nick Bollini (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Jendy Daglio (Monument Ave 10k, 3/31/12, Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-12/2012)

Barbara Maniscalco (Cherry Blossom 10-miler, 4/1/12)

Donna Sams (Helping Haitian Angels 5k, 5/5/12, Run with the Law 5k, 6/23/12)

Freeman Family (Grace, St. Patrick's Day 8k, 3/11/12, Allison and Chris, DC RnR Half, 3/17/12)

Brenda Tobin (GW Classic, 4/24/12)

Dave Tobin (DC RnR Marathon, 3/17/12)

Karen and Rob Van Raaphorst (Friends of W&OD Trail 10k, 7/28)

Kerry Horan Crum (DC RnR Half, 3/17/12)

Kitty Meares Cruse (Cooper River Bridge Run, 3/31, GW Classic, 4/24/12)

David Cruse (Cooper RiverBridge Run, 3/31/12)

Shana Fitch

Michelle O'Brien (Bangkok Marathon, Cherry Blossom 10-miler, 4/1/12)

Ali Berry (Backyard Burn 5-miler, Cherry Blossom 10-miler, Warrior Dash)

Amy Dornfield (DC St. Patrick's Day 8k)

Scott Borman (DC St. Patrick's Day 8k, DC RnR Half Marathon)

Cathie and Peter Feather (10/6/12, Seagull Century (100 mile) Bike Ride)

Mia Cassidy Watts (Monument Ave 10k, 3/31/12)

Kara Ayers (Monument Ave 10k, 3/31/12)

Anne Driscoll (DC RnR Half Marathon, 3/17)

Melissa Maillet (DC RnR Half, 3/17)

Annie Prenni (Georgia/Publix Half 3/18/12)

Joseph Stacy (Rock Pulaski 5k, 3/10/12)

Mike Stacy (Rock Pulaski 5k, 3/10/12, New River Trail 5k, 6/16/12, New River Duathlon, 8/4/12)

Mary Cenci (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Mike Cenci (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Marney Costello (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Rick Costello (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

John Lauber (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12, Army 10-Miler, 10/21/12)

Ian Wright (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12, Army 10-Miler, 10/21/12)

John Zebrowski (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Lauren Palmisano (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Robin Bozek (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Deb Chessari (Cape Cod Ragnar Relay, 5/11-5/12/12)

Maral Achikian (We've Got Your Back 5k, 5/12/12)

Michelle Konson (DC Rock N Roll Half Marathon, 3/17/12, GW Parkway Classic 10 miler 4/22/12)

Daniel Sieff (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Holly Berry (DC RockNRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Sarah Kurcina (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

Maura Levesque (DC RocknRoll Half Marathon, 3/17/12)

The Hammond Family (Vanessa, Jerome, William, Graham - Peach Tree Road Race 10k, Atlanta, 7/4/12)

Meredith Huffman (CASA Run for the Children 10k, 4/28/12)

Leslie Cornelius Corlone (Cherry Blossom 10 miler, 4/1/12)

Peter Corlone (Cherry Blossom 10-miler, 4/1/12)

Lee Harrell (New River Marathon, 5/5/12)

Jen Moitoso (Appleman Triathlon, Littleton MA, July 15, 2012)

Clarke and Julie Agnew (Australia's City2Surf 14k, 8/12/12)

Amy DiGennaro (Pittsburgh Cure Sarcoma 5k, 7/14/12, Pittsburgh Blood Bank Run for Blood 5k, 9/15/12)

The Feather Family (Century Ride, October 6, 2012)

Shana Fitch (Hollywood (FL) Half Marathon, 12/2/12)


Comment Donation
The Kilgores Way to go Rob. Polar Plunge for Missions on Jack's 15th birthday.
Megan Edwards In honor of the Made by God Reunion Group and in memory of Jack
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha In long-distance support of the Ragnar DC Relay.
Anonymous In honor of the men of NoVA GB #45 and women of NoVA GB #46
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha Happy Birthday, Liz - as we continue to celebrate our connection to Jack.
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha In celebration of Jack with all who love him.
Helen W. To the little boy named Michael who exhibited an incredible Random Act of Kindness in memory of Jack, Thank You!!
Mom, Dad, and Margaret Happy Birthday, Jack!
Sarah Polchow Happy Birthday Jack!
Kevin and Joy Parker With much love
Megan Edwards In honor of the Made by God Reunion Group and in memory of Jack
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha Loving Jack and loving and honoring Caroline on her December birthday!
Shana Fitch It will be an honor to run my final 13.1 in honor of Jack! 7 days till race time! Luke 1:37
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha Remembering and loving Jack, loving Isaac in celebrating his June birthday.
Uncle Lar and Aunt Martha Loving Jack, honoring and loving Margaret in celebration of her July birthday.
Alicea Family Always thinking of Jack; Always praying for your beautiful family!
The Cox Family In memory of Jack for the charity he loved......
Molly Smith Always in my prayers

Agnew Family Clarke and Julie Agnew ran Sydney, Australia's City2Surf 14 km for Jack on August 12.
Kerry Great job Jen!
Christopher Meade Jen, hope you had a great swim, bike and run!!!
Cindy Chang Thank you for the all continue to be in my thoughts & prayers!
Sandy & Herbie Moitoso
Chris C. Good luck! Remember, the whole world is watching on the internet.
Mike N. Good luck Jen! Swim like Michael, bike like Lance, run like Usain!
May the wind be at your back!
Kevin Moitoso

The Verveniotis Family Run, Jennay! Run!! Good luck on your first triathlon!
Anonymous It was an honor to run for Jack and SP!
Carolyn Bagdoyan Carolyn Bagdoyan
Maple Ave Restaurant
Hugh Harrell My friends are cheap so I ran a long way!
Carolyn Bagdoyan For Tim (great run!); For Anna; for Jack.
The Bosher family Way to go, Jendy and the rest of the team!
Chris Granger Good luck Jack's Lanterns!
Kristina and Dave Daglio Good luck, Jendy! GO Jack's Lanterns! :)
Kathy Lawrence Calderazzi Good luck with the Cape Cod run!
Amy and Steve Williams
Amy, Nicky, Sofia & Will Di Gennaro Good luck Jendy and the rest of Jack's Lanterns!
Anonymous Have a great race, Jendy, and Jack's Lanterns!
Mark Richard Run John Lauber Run
Laura, Steve, Nate, Cam, Ryan and Lukie Jendy, you're inspiring!! Good luck sweet friend!
Kathy Wynne and Family Do it for One that will last forever .1Cor 9.25
Bob & Liz To honor racers Suzanne Armstrong & Jendy Daglio
The Flanagan family God's speed!
Rich & Shannon Pappert First place, Jendy! In support of Jack's family.

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