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Wounded Eod Warrior Foundation

100 Mile Ultramarathon

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100 Mile Ultramarathon

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

As quickly as the acronym IED, or improvised explosive device, became a household name, popping up all over television news reports and newspaper articles, there was another acronym - EOD - that rose to the forefront, becoming the most used and trusted force amongst our military to defeat the horrible new IED threat.

EOD or Explosive Ordnance Disposal is our nation's first line of defense to not only counter the new IED threat that continues to plague innocent people around the world, but also to dispose of conventional retrograde munitions left behind in war torn regions, as well as detect and dispose of weapons of mass destruction.

EOD is a joint service military occupational skill, which means that EOD Technicians serve within the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. The program is strictly manned by volunteer candidates.

So where do I fit into this?

Prior to my current career, I spent 10 years of Active Duty military service as a Naval EOD Officer. The bonds that I formed over that time with my fellow EOD warriors are stronger than anything I have ever known and after recently losing a close comrade of mine during combat operations, I realized that I have not been doing nearly enough to help a community that has always been my second family.

In order to properly honor the memories and sacrifices of my brethren, I have decided it’s time for me to “walk the walk.” There is an old saying in the EOD community, “if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough.” With that in mind, I decided to sign up for a 100 mile ultramarathon through the Florida Keys from May 19-20 – we’ll see if this little fat guy can run... the details of the race are here:

No community in the military has sacrificed more, yet asked so little in return... our exploits are not published as widely as some of the other military communities, but rarely does a Special Operation take place without at least one EOD Technician present as an operator... and there is not a member of the military that over the past decade has not heard or uttered the phrase “call EOD.”

For more information on the amazing foundation I will be running in honor of, please visit the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation website:

For a list of fallen EOD warriors, please visit the EOD Memorial Foundation website:

Many thanks for your support – even if you cannot afford to donate money, I can use volunteers to help with my chase team - and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!



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Peter and Donna Karl Great job with the race!,
Chris Natale
Denise & John Cunningham AWESOME accomplishment.!... and GREAT cause!
Geoff & Tara Ryan Amazing!
Andrew Olson Well done
Ed Curland Unbelievable. Next time I'll join you.
Tim Muller Congratulations ... Amazing accomplishment
Anonymous Well done
Trish you are my hero, well done
keith friedman Nice work!!!
Erin Bourne Congrats Jarret!
Anonymous Thanks for raising EOD awareness!
B.J.F. Sanitation Inc.
Anonymous Congrats on a job well done - such a great cause!
Jennifer Smits Amazing! Congrats Jarret!
Warren Roy Parker For a good cause
Graig Mischler Congrats Jarret
Eric Blevens Congrats on the run & funds! Super-inspiring.
Chris Rush Thanks for going above and beyond Jarret!
Greg, Kate, and Sarah Pritchard
steven barkley
Dick and Marsha Pritchard Our best wishes and good luck in the race
Giada Rejune
Mike and Lesley Hlatki Good luck, Buddy!
Marc Katchi Kapshida!
Colin, Heather, Connor & Ava Rogers Best of luck!
David Andersen should be an interesting 100 miles.....
Doug Harsham Good luck! Hope you have some good shoes! :)
Jeff Dolgos Good Luck God Bless our Troops
Doug Twombly keep chugging!
Gerry Buquicchio Good Luck
Kate Gandy Good Luck!
Joe Connolly Good Luck--Great Cause
Brian Sullivan
Yohan Hwang Good luck
kurt beck
Jillana Watson Best of luck! I am so impressed.
Darlene Barkley-Roth Baby, you amaze me! Love you
Dori and Ron Klein Good luck!
Gina Glynn Best of luck, Jarret! Such a great cause!!!
Brooks and Tara McFeely Great job for a great cause!
Kevin Swords Great job Jarret
Shawn Manberg
Gerard Keegan I'd bring an extra pair of socks.
Linda & Bobby Schmier
Mike Cassidy
Suzanne & Jeff Deutch Good luck Jarret
Bill McCauley
Ryna Mehr
Kristine Nukk and Andreas Karelis Best of luck...we are so proud of you!

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