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AIDS Walk/Run

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Give me money! (or run with me)

Come on guys, you know you are all rich enough to donate a buck or two or ten or twenty to a great cause. So take that few bucks you were going to spend on the next round of beers and donate it a great cause that is especially important to our age group. And you love me, so hook me up!  


Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


Comment Donation
Billy Patience Grasshopper
Offline Donations Thanks everyone!
Dom As promised!
Nicole Davies I finally did it Jess. Better late than never. Good Luck!
Heidi Have fun Jess!
DJB Way to go Jess!!!!
Brad Conrad I am a very poor bastard. Want a running partner?
Adam Pilarz pppllllbbbbbbbb
Amy run Jess run
Karen---ex-boss lady/ Super Stay-at-Home Mom-ish Jess--make us all proud to know you
Chara This officially leaves me with $0.82 to my name so you better do a good job running!!!!
Chris Ruddy I also would have used proper punctuation.
Steve McLellan gl
The Real Dom Now quit bugging me
Ray dont say i never did nuthin for ya
Matthew Chan
O. Brown good going Jess, gotta get you to your goal
aaron and kelly if we cant afford our new cabin, its all your fault!
Dom Lisi and remember jess... when life gives you aids, make lemonaides. Luv ya babe.
Justin Barrett If you talking 'bout money homie, I ain't concerned
Shelly you are so going to lose, and this 20 bucks gives me immunity to not have to pick up the pieces. <3
Nate Gardner Run fast! And when I say fast, I mean really really fast...
Mister Miller Aap, you better run, quick
Tulin Dadali Good Luck Jess! I did my good dead for the day.
Jeremy Kuster This five dollars means that I will not be eating lunch on Monday
Chris Ruddy Just for the record, Jess wrote that comment below. I would never say that.
Miranda Askew-Brown Good Luck!!
Zin Anything for you Jessica! >=D
Joe LoConte Anytime you need anything Jess
Chris Ruddy Jess you are fantastic!

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