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Great and Golden Light


Imagine this blurr of chill,

white, gray, vague, sadness

burned off.


Imagine a landscape

of dry clear sunlight,

precise shadows,

forms of pure color.


Imagine two neighboring hills, and

your house, my house, looking across, friendly:

imagine ourselves

meeting each other,

bringing gifts, bringing news.


Yes, we need the heat

of imagination's sun

to cut through our bonds of cloud.

And oh, can the great and golden light

warm our flesh that has grown so cold?


--Denise Levertov


To me ... meditation practice is for this: for "cutting through our bonds of cloud..." and "warming up the flesh, that has grown so cold," through "the great and golden light ... of imagination's sun." 


In my experience, the most essential teaching of any authentic spiritual practice is that of giving ... and for this giving to be actualized and truly recieved, it must arise outside the realm of self-centered desire ... not from any gaining idea, but from deep within one's own heart ... regardless of the outcome. 


The great and golden light, or unconditional love ... this is the practice of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and this is what Brooklyn Zen Center and the Awake Youth Project has offered to me. And through this love, I have discovered how to trust in, and simply be, myself. I have discovered that my life -- your life, our lives -- can and do make a difference ... regardless of the past hurt and suffering we all must encounter as part of the human condition.


My work with the Awake Youth Project teens has opened my heart and changed the course of my life. Please help me to continue my practice and to support this project's deepest aspiration:  to teach all of us how to give our lives away, as skillfully as possible, to those who need it the most ... when it matters the most. Donate whatever you can now, in order to offer these incredibly gifted young men and women the great power and opportunity to trust in their own goodness ... to support their radiant hearts and to raise their fearless voices.  Together, we can make this world a more compassionate place.  Together ... we can do anything. 










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