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Keith Powell's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my Keith Powell/Alyssa Milano Fundraising page.

My name is Keith Powell, and I am an actor on the TV Show "30 Rock".  Recently, actress Alyssa Milano made a challenge for a real man to give money to the National Wildlife Federation.  With your help, we can all prove to Alyssa that there are plenty of real men/women in the world who are willing to give to a worthy cause.

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support the National Wildlife Federation in their effort to help wildlife in the Gulf Coast hurt by the BP Oil Spill.  Watch the Youtube video on the left for more information.


Every day from now through August 31st, 2010, I will choose a donor at random and make a video dedicated entirely to him/her.  I can accept donations after that date, but will not be making videos.  Please be sure to leave a question or comment in the "comment" section so I can reply to you in a fun way.

Please give -- and give multiple times -- I'm not opposed to making more than one video dedicated to a single person.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


Comment Donation
Caroline Rogers You and NWF Rock! Thank you! (Good luck tonight!)
Susan Cooper (BuzzEdition) You're too sexy for this comment, well maybe not, well are you? Dedicated to Keith & Alyssa♥
William B. Long This is awesome, Keith! Besides raising money for the NWF, what other special skills do you have?
Chuck Cassidy Love yah man, wish I was able to give more...meg and the kids miss yah!
Tommy Geraci (@teeco71) In honor of Alyssa Milano & David Bugliari's First Anniversary. Much love & happiness
Gary E Davis In honor of Alyssa Milano's 1st Wedding Anniversary
Baalstothewaals If I knew I could make you a man for just $50 I would have done this a long time ago...
Todd Thank you for doing this! But what happens if all the oil evaporates? Then where will my money go?
Andy, the Wisco Kid I was kinda hoping you could box an oil-soaked Pelican in your next vid. That or box Jon the Ginger.
Beth Wildlife rocks and so does Keith, hope they both stay around for a long time!
@jacobelliot1998 Did funrun Did 4 miles on crutches coz broke my leg playin football at school.Heres my sponcer money
canuk75 This is my present to Alyssa & David to celebrate their 1st Anniversary
Kim Willemsens It's not a lot,but I hope this will help.
D In support of the National Wildlife Federation and real men like Keith Powell ;-)
Raymond Harrington Set you clock to 2:14. It's the time my daughter Rowen was born. Just 20 should be easy.
@SaraNobbler Please set your clock to 3:30, because it is the end of the workday, and that is a beautiful thing.
Steve Thomas Thanks for the reply, Keith! Could we reset your clock to 2:30 as a PSA to promote flossing?
Kenn Koubek Alyssa Milano + Absorbant Fabric = My Donation
JimmyG He takes my part as Tuskegee Airman #1, recasts the upcoming Thompson's Faithful, now Alyssa! Boo!
IseetheSpade On Friday Tim is quitting our poker game to move to florida and scuba dive. Is this a wise choice?
@jacie87 This is to prove that gingers like me DO have souls. Oh, AND to help Keith meet Alyssa in a towel.
@kwh19 From one Keith to another. The name that's the exception to the rule i before e execpt after c.
@bitsy_bijou I follow and ALyssa Milano on Twitter and decided to give my tithe :)
Terri You're not just a real man, you're a real adorable man!
Chocolate Rain This is to prove I am a real man, since Keith doesn't believe I am real - Tay Zonday
Geno's World My second donation. This one is dedicated to Right Guard.
LippyJimmy I donated with an expired card. So now I give double. What kind of man am I?
@cpm5280 Protecting life on Earth is even cooler than looking for it elsewhere!
Esoccer9 react
Jason Brinkerhoff Cheers to a great cause! JB @StuffedDrunk
Hollister Hmmm... Clever. Very very clever.
Derrick Rivard
Gary E Davis I'm glad to give more Alyssa taught my heart how to smile and how to be the best me I can be.
ashvantol My 3rd donation to NWF. Keith you can help me donate more, send me your pants -
@nancybunny813 I'm helping make you a REAL man...does that make me a REAL woman?
Esoccer9 hope you reach your goal
Steve Thomas Is it still 1:55? :)
Jason McCann Donated $20. Lament that Justin Bieber will be playing
Anonymous Hey Keith, I bet it's 1:55 as you're reading this. ;)
Jim Lastinger This is a very worthwhile cause.
Ben Levine
Nate N Real men give money to TNC, but I'll help you out.
Nick & Stacia Kelly Let's make this happen!
Ed Kelley Are you man enough to make a video dedicated to me?!
Victoria1220 So amazing that you are doing this. Way to step up and take a stand.
SaVonni Yestanti I want to be able to give much more & will do my best to do so given the cause! This came from God!

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