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Running for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

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Running for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Don't forget to check out the video produced by the crew that is going to support me while I run the Keys 100!  Click here to view it:


My name is Keith Zeier and I am a Reconnaissance Marine who served with both the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion and the Marine Special Operations Battalion. On July 17th, 2006 I was involved in an IED explosion that left my left leg with both permanent muscle and nerve damage along with a severe head injury.  This incident, unfortunately, ended my career in the Marine Corps but it has certainly not stripped me of the determination, perseverance, and mental toughness that I've gained while serving as an operator in this small community.

Accordingly, I have decided to run a 100 mile ultramarathon from Key Largo to Key West, Florida in honor of the fallen Recon Marines and Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman who have died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am running this race to raise money for the families of the fallen and wounded warriors of the Special Operations community.  Every cent of the money raised from this event will go to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.  These operators have made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our own civil liberties and we should never forget this. 

The constant and severe pain that I suffer in my leg serves now as a reminder of those great men with whom I've served and befriended.  Not to mention those who have laid down their life in defense of this country.  I am running this race in honor of them and the job that we loved to do.  Not a day passes that I do not think of the sacrifices they have made and how it has impacted their families, friends, and loved ones.

I kindly ask you to help the families of those killed and wounded in battle by donating to this foundation.  Any donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated.  Feel free to forward this site to anyone else you know who would be interested in contributing to such a worthy cause.  The names of all those that have donated will appear in the credits to the documentary we are filming that chronicles why I am doing this race, the events leading up to the Keys 100 ultramarathon, and the run itself.  We are hoping to air the film on Current TV shortly after the race and raise even more money by capturing the hearts and minds of over 51 million viewers with this heartfelt documentary.  

I sincerely thank everyone that is kind enough to donate to this cause!

Kind regards,

Keith Zeier



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cabbage 41 Thank you so much. Never quit - God bless you.
Van Roberts Thanks for the inspiration
Sandra A. Thank you for your service! You are a true American.
Anonymous Thank You for your service
Sal Squillace Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. You are a true American.
Steve Martino Thank You for your relentless service Keith. I saw your story on Glenn Beck
Newton Bayless God Bless you and your brothers and sisters.Saw you on G.B.. Thank You!.
Darrell Arbogast Saw your story on Glen Beck. Thank you so much for your service and all your brothers and sisters.
Richard and Gloria
Kim Robertson God protect our warriors
Linda Achee Norman Great job on G.Beck's show...great job for our country. Thanks from a 2nd Reconn Marine mom
Jim, MC & Rexxy Fideli Certa Merces - Thanks!
Ali Sadr You all are hero...Thank you for your service
Kerianne Neumann Thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do.
Anonymous Congratulations on your race and thank you for your service. You are a true hero and inspiration.
Sligo West Get Some!
Jerry Del Priore God Bless!!!!!!!
Nikki Ho-Shing Thank you for serving this country and carrying the weight of your coutnrymen on your shoulders!
Mike K Good Luck Keith!
Crossfit Endurance New York City Good luck, we will be looking for you on race day
Kimberly Russ You're so cool.
Ronald Gerba Semper Fi!!!
Tom wounded Vietnam vets for KEITH
Anonymous Thank you!!!
Wendy Kozak Your determination is an inspiration to me! A true American Hero!
Paul May God bless and sustain you through a long and happy life.
Albert M. Bryson I deeply appreciate you and all you are doing. Keep it up.
Kevin Molloy You Sir, are a true American hero.
Emily Berg I'm the owner of CrossFit South City and we did the "Murph" wod and held doantions for this
Evabeth Thomas Thank you for serving for our freedom. Bring family & stay with me in Vegas. I'll show you the town
Richard P. Keith, Thank you for your courage and sacrifice. You are a Hero.
Susan and Owen How refreshing to hear your story on GB Show..a much more rewarding journey to us than M Jackson's
Barbara A million thanks to all who risk their lives for freedom for others.
The Brown family What an honor to call you an American!
Jerry Roache You are everything that is RIGHT about America and democracy.
Jerry Pagan Keith, I am so very proud of you and all the other warriors who have given so much for our freedom.
Linda Thompson
Ralph Price, Ewa Price & Matthew Price Thank you for your service and sacrifice
C. Hansen Family Thank God for people like you and our U.S. Military.
Anonymous You are such a blessing for us and this country. Thank you.
The Dean Family Thank you for your support. Go get 'em Devil Dog.
CrossFit Kirkwood Thanks for all your efforts
Tanya Johanson You inspire me! God Bless our soldiers.
Anonymous Thanks to you and all US service men and women
Erin Foley God Bless You and All those who serve our country!
Anonymous thank you for all you do
Bob and Judy Mahlstedt You and all others in the military are true heroes.
Stephen Jamison, MD As Glenn Beck said, you are a true American hero...thank you for your determination and humility!
The Lowe's Thank you Keith and all the 'forgotten"..USMC Vietnam 1964-1968

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