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Laurel's Fundraising Page

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for the Maasai Wilderness Conservaton Fund. 

We welcome all donations to help this cause.  All funds for the Maasai have been earmarked for children's education and health clinics. 

Mission of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust is to support the preservation of biodiversity within the Maasai tribal lands of East Africa by promoting conservation, education and health services within the Maasai community. The uniqueness of both equatorial Africa’s grassland ecosystems and the storied culture of the Maasai people face a daunting challenge to survive and co-exist in a sustainable manner. Recognizing that the fate of both rests with the Maasai themselves, the MWCT raises awareness and financial support. Funds support a host of programs designed to conserve the legendary wildlife of the area and to encourage sustainable land practices to benefit the ecosystem, ultimately preserving the traditional Maasai way of life.

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust operates in three sectors: Conservation, Education, and Health.
Trust funds are used to:

 Thank you for your donation.  
 Laurel Holloman and the staff of


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Patty Hoaglund Laurel, for my sisters & brothers on mother earth.
Sylvie Leroy Happy Holidays to all of you... wherever you are...
Deb C
Deb C. Thank you Laurel for
Nicole Horton You are definitely an insperation.
film58 Happy Birthday Ali, and for those less fortunate
film58 Happy Easter to Laurel, Miki & their families & for those less fortunate
momexva In honor of the Birthday Girl - Happy Birthday Nala.
LanaRus Happy Birthday to baby Nala, Lisa and Liz!!!
Anca In Lisa's honor - Happy Birthday, teach!
Fireoflife1 For spinner63. Hey Lisa have a great birthday :)
Fireoflife1 Big birthday cheer to Nala - 2 years old today Yay!!!
film58 Happy 2nd Birthday Nala & Happy *** Birthday Lisa
Anca Jo & Shelley, this is for you girls! Best bday wishes!
LanaRus happy b-day TuCatz and for those in need
Fireoflife1 For TuCatz and the maasai. Happy birthday Jo
luartfan Hope it helps. In honor of Nala And Lola.
film58 Happy Birthday to Jo, and belated one to Shelley & for those who need some help
grace scarloss for Nala's second birthday. HB Nala
LanaRus (Svetlana) Valentine's present to those in need
LanaRus (Svetlana) something i promised to do
thincrust88 Laurel and Miki, may your tribe increase!
cissi Lu, you're always amazing!
msgirl Thank you both for your amazing work.
Cath Keep up the good work, ladies.
Anca Keep it up, ladies! You two make such a great team
shorty_kay Laurel & Miki. both great Thank You. Keep going. Peace
Jo McBride
Regina Laurel & Miki, both of u really inspire me. Thanks
LauraNY(fablu) Thank you Laurel & Miki. You inspire us all with your great talent and big hearts. Blessed b
PJ Thanks for your efforts... again. Signed photos were a good idea.
P.J. This self-less work for the Maasai Wilderness & tlw both touched me.
Elizabeth Bryant It's my pleasure to contribute to a great cause, supported by strong women.
Anonymous In appreciation of your use of extraordinary talents for a great cause!
Natalie To Laurel & Miki, as promised ! Thankyou for your kindness x
GraceS HB Miki, for you for sharing your birhtday treat with LL
momexva Happy Birthday, Miki. Thank you for making us laugh & smile. you rock
Heels99 (Beth) Happy Birthday Miki!!!
anca1268 (Anca) Miki, this is for you! To more Mayhem for the next 100 years from now. Happy Birthday!
littlebit045 Happy Birthday Miki!! Keep making us laugh!!
TuCatz For the Queen of Mayhem - Happy Birthday Miki - you rock
Svetlana (LanaRus) Happy Birthday, Miki!!! You're fabulous and this is for you
Film58 Happy Birthday Miki - The Queen of Mayhem
Fireoflife1 Happy Birthday Miki!
Sonia Alice L. Thanks again for your amazing generosity and fabulous talent ! We all love you !
Heather (Lament) Happy New Year!
pdxcitykitty/tulips4u Starting 2010 .with another donation. Congrats on the auction
dmmac6 Cause it feels soooo good to give - 2nd time for my friend's 43rd b-day on 1/1
sarahkate This is an amazing cause. Thanks Laurel and Miki for all your work, and Happy New Year everybody!

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