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Savannah's Memorial Fund
In memory of Savannah Caroline Pereira

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Savannah's Memorial Fund

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page.  Savannah Caroline Pereira was born on April 30, 2009.  Within moments of birth, she smiled and squeezed our fingers with love.  Over the next 10 months we experienced unimaginable joy and love as Savannah amazed us with her tender, loving, and gentle ways.  She woke up happy and went to bed happy.  She called us Momma and Dada, pulled us in to kiss our faces, and smiled and clapped every time she or we did something she liked.  She loved her books and music.

Our dear Savannah died Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 10 months of age due to a tragic accident.  Despite this heart-breaking tragedy, we are incredibly thankful for our family and friends who helped us bring Savannah into this world, care for, love, and teach her, and helped us have the happiest 10 months of our lives. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our baby’s young, innocent, and loving soul.  She was our source of happiness and we hers.  We will miss her and cherish her memory and the devoted love and joy she gave us.

 The purpose of Savannah's Fund is to provide financial assistance to families struggling with infertility, who wish to pursue IVF but who cannot afford treatments.  Through Savannah's Fund, annual Savannah Grants will be awarded to couples who are trying to conceive their first child so that they may have an opportunity, which might not otherwise be possible, to experience the joys of parenthood.  Savannah's Grants are awarded with the assistance of The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation, Inc. (aka The CADE Foundation), a non-profit organization focused on helping families struggling with and overcoming infertility. The CADE Foundation is a partner with the Shady Grove Fertility Center whose wonderful nurses and doctors helped us to conceive Savannah. 

Each year since Savannah passed away we have done at least one fundraising event around the time of her birthday.  It’s now been five years since we lost Savannah.  In that time, we have awarded five Savannah Grants and are proud to have helped bring five Savannah babies in this world! 

This year, we thought we would try something a little different for Savannah’s birthday.  We’d like to ask anyone who reads this to consider donating $5, sharing our story with your friends and family, and asking each of them to donate $5 to help us help another couple start their family.  Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 through this effort. 

If you know anyone who has suffered with infertility issues in any form, or has lost a child, or if you have a desire to help others who desperately want to be parents and are struggling with infertility, please consider helping us to reach our goal for Savannah's birthday.   

Many thanks,

Lisa & Charley


Donations may be mailed directly to:

Savannah's Fund

c/o Tinina Q. Cade Foundation

PO Box 372

Owings Mills, MD 21117 


To apply for a Savannah Grant please see: 

 To learn about and support Savannah's Playground please see: 

To learn more about the CADE Foundation please see:






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Eric Widra
Andre and Agnes DaCosta
Taran, Nancy, Decker (7) and Stege (4) Lent Proud to support this cause and celebrate Savannah's life. You and Lisa are an inspiration. Hugs, Kisses and Tickles.
The Preston Family
The Garcia Family Always in our hearts...
West Coast Sokols
The Sokol Family Miss you, Savannah. Your parents have created tremendous gift for couples struggling to have a family.
The Colonnas
Wendy, Kevin and Morgan McAlister For all the angels.
Tim Gonzalez
Ted, Amy, Mikalee, Sam & Michael Monachino This donation is in honor of Emmitt Goffaux, memory of Tommy and Ashley Goffaux, and all families struggling with infertility. God Bless!
Donna Taylor
Mark & Camille
Jenny DeSanto
Angela Morrison
Brian M Rushton
Courtney Froemming Sending our love and support.
Alishia and Jason Fournier
Will Pereira In honor of the beautiful girl we knew much too briefly. Love from Montana
Jackie and Scott Bojczuk In memory of our sweet Savannah
Wendy & Adam Nash In loving memory of Savannah Caroline
Angela Packan
In honor of Jacob Thank you for helping my family members
Richie and Martha Wheatley
Arlene Elam
Marjan Mashhadi & Matthew Specter
Katherine Sunderland
Carter and Courtney Nowell
Dawn Windsor In loving memory of Tommy & Ashley and in celebration of Emmitt.
Eddy & Vikki Espinosa
Elizabeth, Arnie, Ally & Jack Mascali
Carter and Courtney Nowell So sorry to have missed Savannah's Night Out! Thinking of you guys.
Joe & Barbie Zamoiski Always happy to help and love you guys!
Chip Carpenter
Helen Lee
Jessica Plummer
candice castaneda
Harry Glah
Tara Giunta
The Bosch Family
Sandy Day
David Feldman
Katie Sheridan
Madeleine and Tony Fabic
Little Graces Playgroup
Tim Cremen & Alana Prills
Ron Pereira

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