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Race for Team Gleason
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Red Crescent Run (RCR)

Hey everyone. My name is Louis Mykoff. I am doing a 125 mile run to help raise money for the Team Gleason Foundation, to benefit ALS research and the people of New Orleans. It will start on September 25th and end on September 30th. My goal is to raise $10,000 in support of Team Gleason. I would really appreciate any gift you can make to help me reach my goal! Any donation of $20 and over or more will get you a tank top or t-shirt (your choice-- please put size in your comment section). Designs are coming soon!

Steve Gleason will always be remembered for his blocked punt on the night the New Orleans Superdome reopened for the first time after Hurricane Katrina—a defining moment of for the city, the state, and the team that we love. Steve played for The New Orleans Saints from 2000-2008. In 2011, Steve was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), considered a terminal neuro-muscular disease. Steve is determined to inspire others by continuing to pursue life adventures despite his diagnosis, and has challenged the worlds of technology and science to identify their most promising developments toward new treatments and a cure. Steve, along with his friends and family, started Team Gleason to generate public awareness for ALS, raise funding to empower those with ALS to live a rewarding life, and ultimately find a cure.

Steve Gleason’s story inspired me, so I decided to do something kind of crazy, impactful, and important-- something that would make a difference in others' lives, something that will make me feel inspired and complete. I'm going to run the levee from the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge to the Superdome in New Orleans. The run will come out to around 125 miles over a 5 day span. I plan on running up to the Superdome just in time for Monday Night Football when the New Orleans Saints will be playing the Miami Dolphins on September 30th. The run will end as we come up to Steve Gleason's statue which is located outside of the Superdome. 

When I heard about Steve Gleason’s fight against ALS, it really put my problems into perspective. His fight inspired me, the way it has inspired countless others, to re-connect with my own motivation, determination and drive. Steve inspired me to give of myself and to help others in my community.

Like Steve, I want to show that I can overcome my own struggles. I want to be a part of something that is bigger than just me. I want to show my family, friends, and anyone else who hears about my run that ordinary people can make a difference; that even the smallest contributions can go a long way. I want to remind myself and others that anything is possible with dedication, inspiration, love, and hope. Most of all, I want to join Team Gleason in helping find a cure for ALS.

Thank you so much for helping my reach my $10,000 goal in support of Team Gleason. Any amount you give will help me get there. Thank you for your support!

Remember, a gift of $20 or more gets you a commemorative Red Crescent Run Tank top or T-shirt! The colors of shirts will be purple, red, yellow, green, and Tahiti blue. The lettering of all the shirts will be neon orange. Please put IN THE COMMENT SECTION the type of shirt (tank top or T-shirt), color of shirt, and size of shirt you wish to receive with your $20 or more donation!(The shirts cost $7. Out of your donation of $20 or more-- $7 will go to the cost of the shirt and the rest to Team Gleason!! Thank you!! Also-- if you want a T-shirt and we have to ship it will be a $5 cost that will be taken out of your donation!)


Comment Donation
Anonymous purple t-shirt; large
Friend of Carol
Mallory Simien So proud of you Louis and what you have done for this cause!
Melissa Samuels Congrats! This is amazing!
Anonymous Green med tank. Congrats Lou! GEAUX TIGERS. GEAUX SAINTS. GEAUX TEAM GLEASON.
Laurie Domangue $11,000! Great job, Louis!!!!
Sid and Mona Waguespack Great Job-Proud to claim you-no shirt necessary. Sid and Mona Wag
Laura GP Purple tank top- Medium
Rachel Walker Woo hoo! Congrats :)
Anonymous This is so amazing! I wish I could give so much more!
Allison Small - purple
Kacie Giurintano Get it!!
James and Amanda Bullman So proud of you!!
Melissa May Gulotta Wow! Running for such an incredible cause! Congrats man! I'm your mom's Mary Kay friend! T-shirt, please Size M
Ragan Great job!
Trygve Olson What a wonderful mitzva - G-d Bless you!
Jessica Duke
Joe & Rosita Henley Louis, this is great that you are doing this for the Gleason Foundation! Wishing you a safe and successful run!
Stephen Rust Way to go Big Lou!
Jacob King
Rella and David Good Luck!!!!
Anonymous This is honestly amazing Louis; wish I could give more..I can't explain how proud I am
Neal McRoberts
Gregger Mullowney
Colin Prestidge shirt- large
Michael Cosbar
Al Dauenhauer Good Luck, Louis !
Simpson family
Anonymous So inspirational! Enjoy the run! Blue tshirt, med
Agahalius Ver Brassimussen Murica!
Anonymous In the name of The Lord! 10k baby!
Alyssa Winnerman Good Luck Louis!! The Alterman Family is wishing you the best from Denver and praying for your legs you crazy guy! Purple tank M.
Savannah & Lee Newman
Allie B Just watched "NFL Presents" on Steve Gleason. His story is incredible. What you are doing is fantastic! Good luck! Med. Purple t, please.
R. Shortess Best of Luck! No shirt needed and Who Dat!
Joel Simon Haven't seen you in forever, but this is a great cause worth supporting.
Jodie Jacobson Go Louis!!
Don Meltzer
Chris Strickland Blue XL t-shirt
Al Bourgeois A cause close to home. My brother Tommy is also fighting this terrible disease.
Mean Streak Tailgating
Danielle Reddy
Biofreeze Great cause and hope we can help make your run successful!
Lauren Eckenroth
Corie, Michael, Ariella & Shayna Yutkin What an amazing inspiration you are to so many. Good luck!
Cindy S Run Louis Run!!!
Anonymous Medium Tahiti Blue Shirt please
Nicole Good luck Louis!

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