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2013 ING NYC Marathon New York, New York

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Melissa & Jamie Caminiti's Page

Jamie's Story: 

I was brought into this beautiful world in the year 1991. It was not long before I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and then soon after that, biliary atresia, both of which continue to shape and mold me into who I am today at the age of 22. I never take lightly the severity of these diseases, but I also believe that I have been blessed. Early on, my parents encouraged both me and my sisters to live life to its fullest and to become all we could be through God’s strength and grace in our lives. In middle school I started running. I came to enjoy it and realized I could keep up with others for the most part. I went on to run high school varsity cross country and track. Following my senior year, I won the Exercise for Life scholarship awarded through the Boomer Esiason Foundation. I continued to run in college as part of the Cornerstone University team for two years.

Before returning to school for my junior year of college, in August of 2012, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and began the process of being listed for a transplant. Right from the start, my sister Melissa was passionate about being my donor. There was never a moment of reservation. Early on February 18th, 2013, my sister Melissa and I waved goodbye to each other as we were wheeled into separate operating rooms. Several hours later, my diseased liver was gone and 65% of Melissa’s healthy liver had been transplanted into me.

Melissa is such a wonderful representation of demonstrating love through great sacrifice, and I will never be able to truly express my deep gratitude. Melissa is why I get to live to be an aunt, a wife, a mother, etc. . . all of the things a girl would wish for. Melissa’s strong and healthy liver is why I can run today and why I will be running on November 3rd. I will admit that I have never had the desire to run a marathon, but when Melissa asked me to run with her, I couldn’t refuse! I have a new hope and a greater joy and passion as I remember where I have come from and how God continues to use me as a demonstration of his miraculous power and grace. Melissa will be running side by side with me, just as she did throughout the whole transplant process. Together we hope to raise $5000 for the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Thanks for reading our page. Please make a donation if you can!

Melissa's Story:

According to Merriam-Webster, a miracle is defined as an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs, or an extremely outstanding or unusual event. About 6.5 months ago, I got a front row seat to my own personal miracle. On February 18th, 2013, a surgeon split my liver, and took 65% of it and transplanted it into my sister Jamie (who has Cystic Fibrosis). The 35% of my liver remaining in my body has grown back to 100%, and the 65% in Jamie's body has grown to 100% for her body. Six months post-transplant, Jamie is now ready to commit to running the NYC Marathon with me; twenty-six point two miles, nine months post-transplant. I don't say that to put Jamie on a pedestal. The miracle that is her life I totally, completely attribute to God's awesomeness in her life.

Post-transplant, I have often thought about my concept of a miracle. The fact that Jamie is thriving and running now is miraculous. But what about before the transplant? So often we dub something as miraculous in a particular person's life. I believe that we do this because we see the 'handicap' or deficit in that person's life (a cancerous liver in this case), witness it overcome, and the extravagance of the event evokes praise and awe of the 'miracle' or the change. But then I thought about the 'miracle of the liver' even before the transplant. Is it less of a miracle that we each have a liver in our body that can be split, separated from its other half, and function as if whole in another's body? Is the liver only a miracle if it is split, or is it a miracle regardless? And what about the body as it pertains to running? While I consider it absolutely miraculous that Jamie can run 26.2 miles nine months post-transplant, is it any less miraculous that I have two legs connected to my torso that are capable of running and that I have lungs with the capacity to handle the demands of running a marathon? I have come to believe that each and every person is every day a walking miracle.

So this year, I run because of the miracle that will run next to me in Jamie. But I also will run because of the miracle that is my own life. And the miracle that is the life of every child, and adult living with cystic fibrosis. I believe God made each and every one of us a miracle, and calls us to live life to the fullest and with purpose; to go after our dreams and to showcase the [miraculous] life He has blessed us with. 


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Tim & Becky Caminiti We are so proud of you both, Melissa & Jamie!!
Anonymous Hope the run went well - sorry I was late with my donation.
Anonymous Rock on Jamie and Melissa...rock on!
Thomas Bethany and Samuel Bates We love you ladies so much and are so proud of you! We are three of your biggest fans and we are all cheering you on!
Nektarios and Rebecca Demetriou
Dave, Julie, Andy & Nate Herr
Paul Cote' May your testimonies in our County Press not only result in more donations, but also decisions for Christ!
Ardith Steffes So proud of these sisters and their testimoney
Staci Surprenant and Noah Go Melissa and Jamie! You two are fantastic. Hugs from Louisiana.
Dave and Kathy Powers
Kathy Moeckel-Frens For all of our friends with CF, that live so bravely each day.
Paul Caminiti
Dave and Cathy Cronin In honor of Melissa and Jamie Caminiti
Mike and Jennie Laidler
Angie Sarb You two are such an inspiration!!
Paula Helbert Keep the faith and shine for HIS glory!!
Marie Donnelly Good luck in your endeavours, your such a positive inspiration!
Justin and Aimee Kane
Roy and Nancy Jones
Anonymous So happy for God's blessings in your life. You are blessings to us
Uncle Keith and Aunt Kim We are so proud of both of you ladies. You are both such an inspiration to all of us. Love you lots!
Howard Lilley
Jeff and Sue Rupp Run Run Run girls............also run for my friend Emily Quinn who is 17 and has CF too
Anonymous Milk and Quackers
Anonymous What do you get when you have a cow and a duck?
Joe, Diane and David Rossi You are a blessing from God!
Tom and Becky Wade What an inspiration. We love being able to support your desire to live life to the fullest. With love.
The Procunier Family You two rock!!
Christine Lauer Go Jamie! and Melissa too! You have fought the good fight and you WILL run the good race.
Lisa Dinsmore Go Jamie! I hope you reach the goal and do great in the race!
Mom and Dad The "We Love You" was from us - technical error by mom :)
Melissa Caminiti We love you!!
Greg & Hannah Lilley

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