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GORUCK Ascent 2011
Training buddies: Bryan Black

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GORUCK Ascent 2011

The Ascent is an epic adventure spread out over 100+ hours in and around Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Teams will spend time in cities, time in the mountains, and time moving from one to the other. Bonfires (aka Ranger TV) with beers in hand are also a priority. Though the Ascent is a team-based event, just like the GORUCK Challenge, it is not a GORUCK Challenge. Climbing one 14,000-foot mountain is a challenge unto itself. Climbing multiple 14ers over 4+ days will be difficult, not to mention that the Ascent is mission driven and based on the culminating exercise all Special Forces soldiers must pass to earn their Green Berets. Due to the difficulty and our assumption that everyone understands the priority we place on teamwork, only those who have successfully passed a GORUCK Challenge will be eligible to participate.

The Ascent is also an opportunity to gain insight into how America trains its most elite soldiers. Throughout the Ascent, Green Berets will teach multiple classes, including:

  • Mission planning and preparation
  • Land navigation/GPS/map reading
  • Survival (hunter/gatherer stuff)
  • Medical (field expedient and emergency based)

Start Date Thursday, September 01, 2011
End Date Sunday, September 04, 2011
Contact Sophie Pollitt-Cohen


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Rob Donnelly May the force be with you!
Dr Jay Ex-10th SFGA and 3/75 RGR
Tim Liston
Justin G Good luck. Sounds like a great challenge.
Bert Great cause! Great challenge!
retactical good luck guys!!
SierraOneZero Good Luck Mike!
Walter Wade Vet of the 75th RGR RGT, best of luck Mike!
Aaron S. good luck! see you in CO!
Andrew S. Butler Enjoy the Challenge!
Matt Go Mike!
Moorey Great stuff guys!
Tightey Whiteys Go Mike and team!
Anonymous Good luck! Go Mike!
Papa_Tango Good Luck. And please no articles. haha
David Liles Having been an 18 series, thanks for doing this.
Nato99 Thanks for your efforts supporting this cause
Nicholas Petrucci Good luck brother
Paolo Scuri Per aspera ad astra! Good luck Mike!
Anonymous Good luck!
Mustang For the cause
Carl Smith Good luck and take care!
Rob Easton
Uri Mike, thanks for raising money for the GBF.
Brian Timmer Good luck and never give up!

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