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Rocky's Fundraising Page


                                PLEASE HELP ROCKY                      

On June 10th, Rocky, a 3-week-old puppy, was brought into the Voorhees Animal Orphanage.  Rocky and his five siblings were left outside in the 100 degree heat.  A few days later, Rocky was diagnosed with a detached colon and underwent surgery.  Recovery from the surgery has been slow, with a number of setbacks.  Rocky is having a hard time gaining weight; at 11 weeks of age, he weighs just 4 pounds.  (His siblings’ average weight at 11 wks. is 15 lbs.) In hopes that Rocky will be healthy enough to be adopted, he may need additional medical attention.  The surgical procedures, along with the other medical expenses for Rocky, are very costly and create additional financial hardship for the Animal Orphanage. 

Despite all his problems, Rocky is a very sweet & charming puppy with lots of personality.  He deserves to live a long and healthy life.  Rocky is in foster care and getting along great with other dogs and cats; however, he needs a forever home.  If you know of anyone who would be willing to adopt Rocky and provide for all of his needs, please contact the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Or, if you would like to contribute to Rocky's medical fund, ANY amount would be GREATLY appreciated. 

A donation as little as $5.00 can be made and is truly appreciated.

Donations can be made to:                                                 

The Voorhees Animal Orphanage 419 Cooper Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043Please NOTE: Rocky's Fund.

We prefer that all donations be mailed directly to the Animal Orphanage.  Or, donate through paypal at:  Besure to NOTE: ROCKY                             

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to help little Rocky!

Check out additional pictures of Rocky.....up on the left side.



ROCKY & his foster mom.....Patty Fewer


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SUSAN NOCE hang in there little guy
Janet, Diamond & Maverick Our prayers are with you Rocky. You sure are a cutie !
Peggy Titone In loving memory of Alex Titone
CLIFF LITZ best wishes
Karen Moquin Keep fighting Rocky and get better soon!!
Lisa B Patty, You're the greatest giving Rocky this chance!! We are all pulling for you Rocky...God Bless U
Terri M. Hang in there can do it!!
J Morrow
Catherine Stelmaszyk Hang in there Rocky!!
sanknbrandy Good luck Rocky. Like your name suggests, you are a champion!
Pookey's Mom Stay Strong Rocky!
Mary Russell I once was lost.... but now I'm found
Susan Noce God Bless Rocky, Patty, and all the angels at AO
Candice Cohen Get well soon so you can live a long and happy life!
Megan Young Good luck Rocky!!!
Rosanne Glynn I Hope Rocky will find a home soon and recover 100%!
R. Henry
Mr. & Mrs. C Good Luck!!
Joan Giorgio
Michele We are rooting for you, get better soon!
Melissa Dalessandro Rocky..You're such a sweetie. Hope you find a home soon.
Sandy Di Bruno Please read this, I know you're an animal lover as well.
Karen Eye of the Tiger, Rocky!!! - (cheesy Rocky reference)
Jacqui C We're rooting for you, Rocky!
Louise Morgan Best of luck handsome!!
Scott Jackson Hang in there little guy
Jean Pennie
Jill McCrudden Best of luck to you sweet little Rocky !
Jill Guldin Get better soon, Rocky!!
Denise Guldin You are a good person, Patty. Hope Rocky makes a full recovery
Ann Baron
Maria Stoerrle Rock on Rocky and Patty!!
Eileen Stukas Hang in there, Rocky - help is on the way. Thank you Fewer Family...
Bharati Get well soon Rocky!
Patricia Merovitz Lots of love & healthy wishes to Rocky!!
Barbara & Carol Good luck ROCKY!!!!
Christine Nolan Thank You Fewers for all of your love, Rocky
Holly B
Gadget Get well soon!
Theresa C. hang in there little cutie....xoxox
Meredith Charley Best wishes for little Rocky!
Denise Delaney Bless Rocky and the Fewers too!
Audra Howarth
Lorna Best of luck to little Rocky

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