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The CompuMentor Project

NetSquared's 21 Featured Projects

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NetSquared's 21 Featured Projects

Let’s tell the 21 Featured Projects “We Like What You’re Doing”

In advance of the NetSquared Conference, I am using this website (and six others) to raise an additional $500 for each of the NetSquared Featured Projects for 2007.  

I am asking people to donate $21 to the NetSquared Featured Projects. 

Your money will be shared equally by the projects — $1 per organization.

The CompuMentor Project — parent organization of NetSquared — will distribute these funds.

Learn more about the 21 Featured Projects and NetSquared

View a YouTube video entitled "We Like What You're Doing"

NetSquared Conference attendees who have contributed:

Read my blog for updates on this campaign:

Thank you for your help.



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