Rachel Guerrero's Fundraising Page


Rachel Guerrero's Fundraising Page

Rachel Guerrero's Fundraising Page

Operation Write Home is a great organization that provides homemade greeting cards to troops overseas to use to write home to their loved ones. Many heros who receive cards have said they are more motivated to send mail home when they have something nice to write on. I recently sent my first box of donated cards to OWH and it really felt great to show support for our military.

OWH has grown in popularity over the years and now there are over 1,000 contacts for us to send boxed cards to. Each volunteer pays for his/her own supplies to make the cards (and envelopes) but each box is shipped to heros USPS flat rate (about $11 each for about 100 cards), which adds up for OWH's operating costs.

This holiday season, our President estimates $13,000 in shipping costs! YIKES! So far, the shipping budget only allows for $3,000. We need to raise funds quick so the troops can get their boxes with enough time to fill them out and send them back home. Any amount is greatly appreciated, even just a few dollars. Like my grandpa said once when I was helping him stuff envelopes for a mass mailing, "each one you do is one less I have to do."

So, please help me help OWH with a donation for postage. After all, the mission of OWH can't be accomplished if our military heros don't get their cards, right? Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. Your donation will go directly through through this website to OWH.

Please visit the Hero Blog too see some of the messages OWH has gotten for its efforts - this really is an organization that improves morale and supports our troops. http://www.owhheroblog.org/  (you might have to copy/paste the link)

Remember - every box helps upwards of 100 heros stay in touch with their friends and families, which strengthens those bonds during deployment!

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