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Police Officer Harry R. Ryman Memorial
In memory of Police Officer Harry R. Ryman

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Police Officer Harry R. Ryman Memorial

The Ryman Family is once again raising money for the Police Officers of the NYPD through THE POLICE OFFICER HARRY R. RYMAN MEMORIAL.
This is a charity to honor Police Officer Harry R. Ryman who was killed in the line of duty on August 14, 1980 while in the process of stopping three men from robbing a car. He loved being an officer with the NYPD and loved serving his community.
Harry served both his Country and his City. He served 8 years in the U.S. Navy, and was a NYC Police Officer for 17 years. He received 17 medals throughout his career and was a member of the 60 Precinct Anti-Crime division at the time of his death. He left behind a wife and 5 children. Harry’s strong love of family and community are the traits for which he is best remembered.
As I’m sure you can understand, Police Officers don’t take the job for the money and in as much, struggle with the finances associated with college education, not just for themselves but for their children. Our Dad, Police Officer Harry Ryman, held a strong belief in higher education and continued his own education at John Jay College while we were young. Raising five children on a Police Officers salary was difficult for our parents and education costs put an additional strain on an already tight budget. With this in mind, we created THE POLICE OFFICER HARRY R. RYMAN MEMORIAL.
Our goal in creating this memorial was to help ease some of the financial burden associated with continuing education for Police Officers and their dependents from the NYPD who will be attending an accredited university or college.
Most Police Officers can tell you that they do not take the job for the money. Most will also probably tell you that it can often be a thankless job but the desire to help others is what drives them. So Please, Help Us Help Them. 
The scholarships are funded by the generosity of private individuals and local businesses. Last year we were able to help Five Families, this year we are hoping to do more. No Donation is Too Small…  So Please, Help Us Help Them.
The scholarships will be given out once a year on or about August 14th.
The Police Officer Harry R. Ryman Memorial is a recognized 501 (C) (3) tax exempt charity (DLN:  100099007 / EIN:  27-1851739) and your donations are tax-deductible. 



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T&M Protection Resources, LLC
Mike Anastasio
Fran & Jeremy
Gina C
Mike M My pleasure to help in any way possible.
Maryellen Moran A terrible tradgedy. God Bless all in the NYPD!
Joe and Lynn Woods We will never forget
Linda Sledge Good luck in reaching your goal!!!
Dee Cook hopes you reach your goal!
The Connell Family
Barbara Galpine Kennish What a wonderful tribute to your dad.
Ricky Savino so many years have passed, feels like yesterday
Maria Scibelli
Nancy Moran In Memory of My Godfather & Uncle Harry
Thomas and Christina Mazza Glad to help such a great cause
J.B & Liz Wish I had a chance to know him.
John&MaryAnn Nellis Sr. J.B.'s Mom&Dad in Florida
Bobby Mac Great man...Great family...Brother in Blue...
Jim and Moe Vecchione Both my brothers are presently retired from the Police Department
Megan O'Malley It is not how he died that made him a hero...but how he lived.
Dr. William Borden
Peggy Dunne
Mr.& Mrs Salvatore Rainone We will never forget
D. Shouldis Your Sacrifice will never be forgotten
James Kennedy
Millie Anastasio God Bless the Ryman Family
Eric Andreoli
P.O. Elizabeth Vargas (Ret.) NYPD Proud to serve his country, his City.. as an Angel from heaven...his NYPD sisters and brothers ;-)
Andrew Pavone A little help from a member of the New Rochelle NY Police Department.
Michael Clark Jr.
T Timoshenko Det. Anthony Agugliaro
Det. Anthony Agugliaro " Never Forget " N.Y.P.D. Emergency Service Unit
Joe Dweck Sorry for your loss, which was a loss for all of us
J Fox May all of us in our NYPD remember our proud mission to honor Harry as we protect and serve others.
Jim Vance
Melanie Piccininni
Christine Doherty
Manny Mamakas
Michael Moran I'll never forget the pain on my mother's face when she told me Uncle Bob had died.
Eugene Olmstead I remember this tragedy as it were yesterday-God Bless !
Maureen Gavigan Vecchione
Anthony 'Bubba' Parisi
M. Anastasio I Am Honored To Help...

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