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                When I first started working the last thing that I wanted to do was work with the youth. First of all I felt like one and second I thought they bugged...honestly. One summer I got a really good paying job working with them and from that summer on that was the only job I wanted. I realized that because I acted like a kid I could get along with them really well, but I had the knowledge of an adult, and they still bug... but now it’s just funny. When I graduated from college I tried getting jobs relating to my major, communication/advertising, but obviously to no avail. But I applied to many jobs working with youth, and was offered most of them, but I chose Citizen Schools. 
                Citizen Schools stuck out to me because it was a full-time position where I just worked for the youth. I was amazed by all of the people that I met who had accepted this job because they were so passionate about empowering youth and they had so many interesting backgrounds and experiences. 
                Within Citizen Schools I play a million bajillion roles. My main role is Campus Recruitment Lead helping to recruit other amazing individuals to work for this organization, but I help within the office by communicating with teachers about students we share, get homework to better our students grades, plan field trips, plan activities, teach classes, plan lessons, make visuals, communicate with my co-workers, share ideas, plan school events, make sure our students are given many opportunities to practice leadership, oral communication, data analysis, teamwork and advanced literacy. So the question is not really what I do, it’s what don’t I do. This opportunity has made me grow, think, change, test, question myself so much but I honestly do not know what other could have made me want to do that. 
                There are still many middle schools out there without after school programs. There are still many middle schoolers who need leadership skills, there are always going to be people lacking oral communication skills, but we want to help!

                We still have a lot to do as an organization, and any little donation would definitely help us. So whatever amount you can spare would be wonderful.        


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theresa chavez So proud of you!! keep it up
Margarita Salazar Awesome job with the youth!
David Chavez Keep up the good work with our youth!

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