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Suzanne L.'s Fundraising Page

Note: This site remains open until March 31, 2015. Natasha's family is very grateful for continued donations.


Our daughter Natasha was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in January 2008. Natasha underwent several neurosurgeries, conformal radiation and four cycles of systemic chemo.

During this time Natasha confronted many complications: a persisent skull infection that did not heal until part of her skull was permanently removed (she later underwent a bone graft after wearing a helmet for seven months to protect part of her brain); the dangerous infection MRSA, and multiple hospitalizations due to life-threatening infections arising from a depleted immune system. Although Natasha rebounded very well, both socially and academically, irreparable damage to the optic nerve resulted in a severe visual cut in her left field. 

In August 2010, Natasha experienced a devastating recurrence resulting in craniospinal radiation and experimental targeted chemo. (Note that unlike adult cancers and brain tumors, there is not a single FDA-approved treatment for pediatric malignant brain tumors.) In March 2012 she started exhibiting symptoms of bone marrow dysfunction, due to extended chemo and radiation. She continues to rely on blood and platelet donations. Thanks to all who donated blood.

Natasha has a gentle soul, an artist's eye and a tender heart. Her proudest achievement is raising a litter of newborn feral kittens until they were ready to be adopted. She loves all animals and babies, and anyone who makes her laugh. She is fiercely loyal to her parents and sister, every friend and to those teachers who have supported our family; has a unique empathy with anyone vulnerable, even while facing greater challenges herself, and never overlooks an act of kindness. 

Please support our precious child.

We are counting on the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to fund research that could save the lives of children like Natasha. Unlike many nonprofits dedicated to childhood cancers, the majority of the PBTF's funding goes directly to research (rather than toys, treats and vacations). The PBTF awards grants to scientists researching the causes and potential treatments of pediatric brain tumors. Recipients include Natasha's neurosurgery/oncology team at her hospital, UCSF, here in San Francisco.

We very much appreciate all donations, however modest. Donating through this site is totally secure. It is also the most efficient and cost-effective way to make a contribution to our fundraising efforts. Thank you for your support.

Natasha's mom, Suzanne


To read my story about Natasha, go to:

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Our school, Holy Name, has sold T-shirts and bracelets in honor of TEAM NATASHA.

Ken is running the half-marathon in honor of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Jude has collaborated with our hospital, UCSF, in devising Natash's treatment plans. See Please wish Ken luck!

Patxi's restaurant on Irving and 9th Ave. hosted TEAM NATASHA for the PBTF, on Martin Luther King Day. We had a record turnout.

We have organized a fundraising dinner at Chevy's, a bake sale outside Ortega library and held a weekly spare change drive outside Natasha's former school. Ken completed the Napa Marathon last spring.

To increase awareness, I visit classrooms pro bono and talk to children about how they can support a classmate with cancer. Let me know if you are interested in having me talk at your child's school.

I welcome new fundraising ideas.To contact me:


 Thank you ♥♥♥

... to everyone who had made a donation, Natasha's friends who have asked for donations to the PBTF in lieu of birthday gifts, or helped our fundraising drive with their own projects, including the Sunset Brownie Troop. To Holy Name School, led by Principal Cosmos, for providing a shining example of compassion and caring. Outstanding.

Natasha and M., Thank you for the honor and privilege of being your mom. Always love you, always so proud of you!



An estimated 4,030 new cases of brain and CNS tumors in children are expected to be diagnosed in 2010. SOURCE: Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States.


Brain tumors are the leading cause of pediatric cancer death, accounting for 30 percent of cancer fatalities in children under 19. SOURCE: National Cancer Institute (NCI).


The most common age for a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis is between infancy and 8. In contrast, the median age of a breast cancer diagnosis is 61. The five-year survival rate for breast cancer is superior to pediatric brain tumor survivorship, and just one percent of breast cancer fatalities occurs in women under 35. The median age of a prostate cancer diagnosis is 68. The median age of a colon cancer diagnosis is 71. SOURCE: NCI, SEER statistics (2002-2006).

Unlike other benign tumors, benign brain tumors may recur and can result in death.  

There are more than 120 types of brain tumors, making effective treatment very complicated. 

Both the incidence of brain tumors and the treatment of brain tumors can cause devastating physiological and cognitive impairments.

Unlike the most common childhood cancer (a type of leukemia known as acute lymphocytic/lymphoblastic leukemia or ALL), progress in pediatric brain tumor survival has been modest. Treatment for pediatric brain tumors is 'about 10-20 years behind that of ALL.' SOURCE: Nalin Gupta, M.D., Chief of Pediatric Neurological Surgery, UCSF Children's Hospital.

 Five-year 'survivors' of pediatric brain tumors faced 13 times the risk of premature death (in later childhood or early adulthood) as age-matched cancer-free North Americans, due to the lifelong risk of recurrence and secondary malignancies resulting from the toxicity of treatment (radiation and chemo). This risk of secondary malignancies increases with age. SOURCE: JNCI, July 2009.

Five-year 'survivors' of pediatric brain tumors, together with pediatric patients with other cancers, faced risks of developing congestive heart failure and heart attack in their twenties and thirties, that were many times higher than their age-matched peers. This was due to the toxicity of treatment. SOURCE: BMJ, Dec. 2009.

* Written by Suzanne Leigh and approved by Nalin Gupta, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Pediatric Neurological Surgery, UCSF Children's Hospital. See:


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Girl Scout Troop 61912 Troop 61912 voted to donate $400 of this year's cookie proceeds to PBTF in honor of their sister and friend Natasha.
Amy Brownstein Lum I taught Natasha at SummerGate in Theatrical Make up. She was a delight to have in class. May her memory be a blessing.
Christina Wong & Randy Pon From your friends, Isabel, Hannah, Christina & Randy
Sheryl, Bill, Nicole and Jodi Jang Natasha will always be missed and never forgotten. She is always in our hearts.
Celia In memory of beautiful Natasha...
Heidi Smoot In loving memory of Natasha. Thinking of you today and every day Suzanne, Ken, and sweet Marissa.
The Love Family Remembering our beautiful Natasha and her family Suzanne, Ken, and the effervescent Marissa.
Elizabeth Fighera In memory of Natasha…with hopes for a cure.
Anonymous To beautiful Natasha, always in our hearts.
Roger Sinasohn In memory of Natasha
Suzanne Precious Daughter & Sister, Holding you in our hearts always.Two years. If only.
Kris, Lee, Justin and Sophie angel To beautiful Natasha - always in our hearts and thoughts. Sending our love to you Suzanne, Kenny and Marissa. xxxx
Claire, Lena, Hanne & Donald With love to our birthday girl Claire and our dear friend Natasha!
Maddy Varona In memory of Natasha for Claire's birthday
Donna Happy Birthday Ken!
Kelsey Lee Love, Sofia and Kelsey
Sofia Teran In memory of Natasha and in honor of Sofia's birthday
Zoe In loving memory of Natasha ♥ for Sofia's birthday.
Katja Happy Birthday to Sofia; in loving memory of Natasha!
Hanne OGrady In memory of our friend Natasha and in honor of Lena's birthday!
Marissa and her ♥big sis♥ Happy Birthday, Sofia. Sorry I will miss your party ♥♥♥
Annika Weihl
Kara, Linda and Keith We miss Natasha on her 14th and always.
Elizabeth Fighera In honor of Natasha's 14th Birthday…thinking of her especially today.
Celia Carrasco Missing Natasha...
Tracy, Scott, Sophia, and Dylan Fulton In honor of Natasha - we miss you.
Lena, Claire, Hanne & Donald With love and in honor of Natasha's 14th birthday. We miss your smile!
Kris, Lee, Justin and Sophie Angel For Natasha on her 14th Birthday. Thinking of you today Suzanne, Kenny and Marissa. xxxx
Edwin Ferrari We look forward to seeing everyone at the Celebration on Saturday.
gigi obrecht To Natasha and her family, always in our thoughts. The Obrechts
Suzanne L. Beloved daughter and sister, Happy 14th. Missing you painfully, Peanut Senior
Heidi Smoot The troop voted to donate 25% of their cookie sale proceeds to PBTF in honor of Natasha.
Laura {lena+claire aunt} I am truly noticing the absence of Natasha, as I am teaching a self-defense class to Lena's friends today, March 1st, she is in my thoughts
Randy Pon For the happy memories of Natasha and for Claire's belated birthday
Heidi Smoot Missing you sweet Natasha. Thinking of you Suzanne, Ken, and Marissa.
The Obrechts Natasha, always in our hearts. We're missing you.
The Fultons Natasha, we think of you every day. We are Thankful for the time with you. The Fultons
The Love Family In Natasha's memory...We love you.
Jill, Steve, Addy & Casey love you, Natasha
The Jang family Nastasha will always stay in our hearts. We miss her sweet smile.
Roger Sinasohn For Natasha -- May her memory be a blessing
Mama, Daddy, Marissa Precious Daughter, So much love ...
Sarah Love For Sean's birthday from his parents. Natasha, Marissa, Suzanne & Ken - you are always in our hearts.
Sarah Love For Sean's birthday, in honor of his dear friend Natasha, from his grandfather.
Maddy Varona For Claire's birthday in memory of Natasha
Cordelia Varona For Fiona's birthday in memory of Natasha
Anonymous Happy Belated Birthday!
Ava For Claire's birthday.
Hanne, Donald, Lena and Claire In memory of our friend Natasha! Happy Birthday Claire!

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