Junior Achievement of The Michigan Great Lakes, Inc.

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At Junior Achievement, “It’s our business to help kids succeed!” We’re a nonprofit organization in the business of inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Local businesses support JA by filling more than 2,000 classrooms with volunteers, as well as giving their financial support to help run JA programs throughout the school year. 
HOW DOES IT WORK? Junior Achievement facilitates a partnership between business and education; the schools provide the access to students, the business community and individuals provide the financial support and volunteers to make it happen. 
STUDENT BENEFITS: JA programs complement the classroom curriculum by providing a timely, realistic and relevant view of the world beyond school. The globally competitive economy requires our young people to know more in order to achieve their full potential.
HOW ARE VOLUNTEERS UTILIZED? JA Volunteers teach short lessons during the school day lasting five weeks in elementary school programs and up to twelve weeks at the high school level. Volunteers are trained and equipped with materials and a wide selection of activity options. Teachers remain in the classroom and the Junior Achievement staff provides continual support.
Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes reaches over 50,000 students each school year. Since 1956 Junior Achievement of the Michigan Great Lakes has served 800,927 students.  With a core purpose to ‘inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy’ Junior Achievement Programming is being utilized within schools across Michigan.