Lifewater International

Lifewater International is a non-profit, Christian water development organization dedicated to effectively and sustainably serving the world’s rural poor through integrated water, sanitation, and hygiene programs.

For over 35 years, Lifewater has focused on contextually appropriate, low-tech water development. Lifewater trains, equips, and empowers local partners to provide their own communities with safe water. The goal is to empower the local population with self-sustaining solutions versus temporary relief.

As a Christian organization, we are called by Jesus to love and serve the poor in a dignifying, empowering, and transformational manner. While many Christian organizations are called to provide disaster relief, micro-finance, build houses, or plant churches, Lifewater International is called to bring water, health, and hope to the world’s most vulnerable people using our WASH approach.

We believe, as Jesus taught, that when we serve the poor, we are serving Him. We treat each partner, community, family, and person with dignity and respect. We view every interaction as an opportunity to reflect God’s love in word and in deed.

It is our pray that you will partner with us to share the Good News as we continue to address the worldwide water and sanitation crisis.