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Vision: The Lynchburg Humane Society will help create a community where all lives are valued and respected. We envision achieving zero tolerance for ending the lives of saveable pets in the Lynchburg community.

The Lynchburg Humane Society is committed to creating a No Kill Community by 2015 by focusing on three major areas

  • Progressive spay/neuter programs which will reduce the overpopulation of cats and pitbulls in our community
  • Creative placement programs which will increase adoptions and help pets find their owners
  • Building a new Humane Education and Adoption Center that has the features needed to save more pet's lives


With a year end save rate for 2010 of 84% we are well on our way of creating one of the safest communities for homeless pets in Virginia. Our goal is to create a No Kill community where 90% or more of the pets find homes through adoption, go back to their owners or are taken by a rescue group.

With the communities continued support we will solve the pet overpopulation problem and continue to save the lives of saveable pets.