Massachusetts Audubon Society, Inc.

Bird-a-thon 2015

Ready Set Bird!

Bird-a-thon is Mass Audubon’s annual statewide fundraising event where teams of birders spend 24 hours trying to identify the most bird species in Massachusetts. Teams also compete to raise the most money for their wildlife sanctuary or program.  Because of our wonderful team members, fundraisers and supporters, we reached the pinnacle in our fundraising efforts last year by raising nearly $213,000. Amazing…we are grateful to everyone who participated in any way. And this year with your help, we aim to do even better.

What you need to know!

  • When:   Friday, May 15 6PM to Saturday, May 16 6PM
    • Where:  Anywhere in Massachusetts
      •             or on the grounds of Camp Wildwood in Rindge NH   
  • How:     Join a team, be a Bird-a-thon booster or
  •             make a donation
  • Why:    Because you love Bird-a-thon and Mass Audubon!


                                       photos by Pat Ulrich and Davey Walters