WNY Police Unity Tour Team

2012 Police Unity Tour - Chapter I

Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page. We've joined together to raise money for POLICE UNITY TOUR INC.

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Many thanks for your support – and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate or join!
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  1. SUZANNE K TAYLOR $360.00
  2. Tom Scheifflee Peddle hard, ride safe $40.00
  3. Laarry Senf In Memory of Trooper Andrew Sperr $30.00
  4. KEVIN BONCAL Your a great man jim, Be safe. $100.00
  5. Mike and Jean Ruggieri How many 60 year olds are riding? $100.00
  6. Don Phillips Ride safe Joe!! $100.00
  7. Dick Dobson Sr. Thanks for honoring my son. $150.00
  8. The Place Family Good luck on the ride! $75.00
  9. Baba Booey Don't forget the AMB powder! $100.00
  10. Tracy Lords-Wareham Best Wishes. Be Safe! $50.00
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