Thanks for visiting our team fundraising page. We've joined together to raise money for POINT REYES NATIONAL SEASHORE ASSOCIATION.

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  1. Richard Gold $500.00 *
  2. Dan McNevin $200.00
  3. Phil Greenberg $200.00 *
  4. Tim and Sherry Stanton Thanks for doing this, Lindley! $100.00
  5. Anna and Rob McKay We are thrilled to support you and Pt Reyes National seashore assoc. and hope to walk some of those 65 miles with you, Love Anna and Rob $1,000.00
  6. Leslie And Jacques Leslie It is a pleasure and an honor ! $100.00
  7. Lester & Mary $65 bucks each what a beautiful birthday celebration! I want to be at the 75th!! Enjoy the hike. $130.00
  8. Dickson Geesman Keep on walking, dude. $500.00
  9. Betty Anne Carlin What a terrific way to mark an important birthday! $100.00
  10. Jaune Evans Kirk's life, laughter, and spirit of love-our-planet-and-each-other is a gift to all of us. $650.00
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